Gender/Sexual Issues

Administration Issues | Feb. 26 2015

FBC Greenville helps set ‘an example for a godly marriage’

Lamar Duke, interim pastor of First Baptist Church, Greenville, since December 2014, has hosted marriage vow renewal ceremonies at several of... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 26 2015

Madison Assoc. recommends withdrawal of Weatherly Heights

The officers of Madison Baptist Association have recommended the association’s executive board withdraw fellowship from Weatherly Heights... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 16 2015

SBC ethics leader Moore foresees national legalization of gay ‘marriage’

Even though Feb. 9 officially marked the legalization of gay “marriage” in Alabama, some hope the ruling won’t stand after... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Feb. 5 2015

Evangelical-Catholic coalition addresses same-sex ‘marriage’

In the wake of an interfaith Vatican conference on marriage in November 2014, a coalition of Roman Catholics and evangelicals — including... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Jan. 29 2015

Atlanta fire chief fired over pro-family book

ATLANTA — Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has been fired over controversy about a Christian-themed book he wrote that has been criticized... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 15 2015

Alabamian shares story of forgiveness, healing amid past with abortions

Starr Rogers was in her third trimester when the lady looked her square in the face and said it. “Go back to Alabama and have your baby.”... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Nov. 18 2014

Samford to help alleviate CP pain for Alabama Baptists

No scripts, no rehearsal — just straight from the heart. That’s how Samford University President Andrew Westmoreland addressed Alabama... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 13 2014

Appeals court upholds state marriage laws

A federal appeals court upheld state laws that refuse to recognize same-sex “marriage” Nov. 6, seemingly preparing the way for... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Nov. 6 2014

Ministry to gays, lesbians about ‘holiness’

The goal of ministry to gays and lesbians isn’t to make them heterosexual, three speakers said Oct. 28 at a Southern Baptist-sponsored... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Oct. 30 2014

Women leaders in nonprofits lag behind, study says

MONROVIA, Calif. — At an organization where 45 percent of United States senior leaders are women, Romanita Hairston’s gender is mostly... [READ MORE]