Gender/Sexual Issues

Children | May. 11 2000

Lawsuit filed after Kentucky Baptist Children’s Homes fires employee

A lawsuit over the firing of a lesbian employee has been filed against the Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children by the employee in conjunction... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | May. 4 2000

High Court debates partial birth

The U.S. Supreme Court tackled the constitutionality of state bans on partial-birth abortion April 25. Some 30 states have laws banning the late-term... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | May. 4 2000

Homosexuals gain Vermont victory

Vermont’s governor on April 26 signed into law landmark legislation granting the full benefits of marriage to homosexual and lesbian couples... [READ MORE]

Children | May. 4 2000

Boy Scout case decision expected at end of term

The Boy Scouts of American should be free as a “voluntary association to choose its own leaders,” the U.S. Supreme Court was told... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Apr. 13 2000

Internet pornography addiction growing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two surveys of Internet pornography use show a growing addiction ensnaring millions of Americans and threatening... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Mar. 30 2000

California pro-family groups claim victory

Pro-family and religious groups across California are claiming victory after voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to legally define marriage... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Mar. 30 2000

Reversals sought in controversial cases

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court should reverse lower-court decisions that struck down a ban on partial-birth abortion and rejected... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Mar. 23 2000

No charges pursued for Methodist ministers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Leaders of the United Methodist Church decided Feb. 11 not to pursue charges against 68 ministers who participated... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 9 2000

Sex trafficking a growing problem

The trafficking of women and children, many who are forced into prostitution, is a worldwide human rights problem that may involve 2 million... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Feb. 17 2000

Court tackles rights of pro-life advocates

WASHINGTON — Pro-life advocates who engage in sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics have their free-speech rights unconstitutionally... [READ MORE]