Gender/Sexual Issues

Gender/Sexual Issues | Feb. 17 2000

Religious leaders promote same-sex unions

NEW YORK — More than 800 religious leaders have signed a declaration declaring sexuality is “central to our humanity and …... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Feb. 17 2000

Murder conviction of clinic owner upheld

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the second-degree murder conviction of a California abortion clinic owner. The high court... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Feb. 3 2000

Group urge voters to contact legislators on upcoming bills

Two groups are working independently regarding bills concerning video poker and abortion that will go before the Ala­bama Legislature this... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 27 2000

Book protest yields action

The world’s self-proclaimed largest bookstore has one less book on its shelf following a nationwide protest launched by Charles Colson,... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Jan. 27 2000

Supreme Court considers protesters’ rights

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Jan. 19 over the limits that might be placed on the free-speech rights of demonstrators... [READ MORE]

Financial | Jan. 27 2000

ExxonMobile withdraws ‘partner’ benefits

IRVING, Texas — The ExxonMobil Corporation has decided to discontinue granting “domestic partner” benefits to unmarried partners... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 20 2000

Leaders oppose ‘sex exploitation’ definition

Several conservative leaders, including Southern Baptist official Richard Land and Campus Crusade for Christ President Bill Bright, are opposing... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Jan. 6 2000

A Year in Review

By far, the biggest news for Alabama Baptists in 1999 was the defeat of proposed state lottery gambling. Church leaders from different denominations,... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Jan. 6 2000

Hawaii High Court ends efforts at gay marriages

HONOLULU, Hawaii – The Hawaii Supreme Court has ended efforts to legalize gay marriage in the state, which once was expected to approve... [READ MORE]

Children | Jan. 6 2000

Sex education focuses on abstinence

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Abstinence has increasingly become a focus of sex education in the nation’s schools, according to new studies.... [READ MORE]