Human Rights/Freedom

Alabama News | Jul. 23 2015

Christians decry news of Planned Parenthood selling fetal parts

Christians took to social media en masse after news broke July 14 that Planned Parenthood allegedly sold baby parts gained through partial birth... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jul. 2 2015

Op-Ed: Time to Rally Behind America’s First Freedom, Religious Liberty

Alabama Attorney General Reactions to the Supreme Court’s gay “marriage” decision have ranged from outrage to celebration,... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Jun. 4 2015

Ireland legalizes gay ‘marriage’ by vote

Ireland on May 22 became the first country to hold a public vote amending its constitution to allow gay “marriage,” but the change will not... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 28 2015

Millennials drift from pro-life action after graduation

Polls and surveys indicate millennials hold stronger pro-life stances than previous generations at their age. But as these young adults graduate... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Apr. 30 2015

New bill would make most abortions illegal in Alabama

A new bill proposed in the Alabama House of Representatives would effectively make most abortions illegal in Alabama if signed into law.... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Apr. 28 2015

What Is Religious Freedom?

According to William J. Barber II, “religious freedom laws are an immoral ploy to stir up fears.” Barber is president of the North... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Apr. 27 2015

5 arguments to watch as Supreme Court considers gay ‘marriage’

When the United States Supreme Court convened April 28, it heard arguments in support of and against state bans on same-sex “marriage”... [READ MORE]

Conferences | Apr. 16 2015

ERLC summit addresses racial reconciliation’s connection to gospel

Racial reconciliation in the Church calls for a strong view of the image of God in all people, a deep commitment to understanding others and... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Mar. 19 2015

Utah passes LGBT nondiscrimination bill

SALT LAKE CITY — After seven years of debate and a historic compromise, the Utah House of Representatives on March 11 voted final passage... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Mar. 12 2015

Alabama Supreme Court orders halt to same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist For some Alabamians the recent rulings on same-sex “marriage” in the state seem more like a game of... [READ MORE]