Human Rights/Freedom

Europe | May. 22 2014

Security officials in Eritrea arrest 5 more Christians

ASMARA, Eritrea — Eritrea is again persecuting officially recognized religious bodies with the arrest in late April of five Christians... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 1 2014

New Jersey lawsuit seeks to ban Pledge of Allegiance, claims religious discrimination

The American Humanist Association (AHA) is suing a New Jersey school district for its recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public classrooms.... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Apr. 10 2014

‘Heartbeat’ bill fails during final hours of state legislative session

A House-passed bill that would have banned abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected failed to pass its final hurdle in the Alabama... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Apr. 3 2014

World Vision reverses decision on same-sex ‘marriage’ hiring policy

Leading Southern Baptists are thanking World Vision U.S. for reversing a two-day-old change in its employee conduct policy that would have allowed... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Apr. 3 2014

High Court hears ‘landmark’ religious liberty case

Do business owners have the right to exercise their religious beliefs despite what a government decree requires?  The answer could have... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Mar. 20 2014

40 Days for Life campaign aims to end abortion in Alabama, nation

A few months ago, a young mother in Alabama visited an abortion clinic with her parents in tow. Standing outside this particular clinic... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Mar. 13 2014

Baldwin Baptists helping victims of sex, labor trade

National Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) is in the last year of a four-year emphasis on human exploitation. The educational resources, real-life... [READ MORE]

Africa | Feb. 6 2014

Millions of African children exploited by forced labor in slave-like conditions

A young child sits on the side of the road in Madagascar crushing rocks with a hammer almost too heavy for him to hold. Another accidently... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Jan. 24 2014

Moore opposes medical marijuana

The Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) top public-policy expert says any therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana are outweighed by costs... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 16 2013

Attorney General Strange files brief in support of First Amendment rights for New Mexico photographers

In support of the owners of Elane Photography in New Mexico, the office of Attorney General Luther Strange filed a legal brief in mid-December... [READ MORE]