Children | May. 23 2013

Scientists clone human embryo for first time

The “brave new world” of human cloning apparently has arrived, and critics are waving the warning flags. Oregon-based scientists... [READ MORE]

Children | Oct. 4 2012

Evangelicals seek future for thousands of frozen embryos

The embryo was frozen in liquid nitrogen when Gabriel and Callie Fluhrer found it. They didn’t know whether that embryo would grow to be... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Apr. 19 2012

Religious perspectives on organ donation

SBC Resolution of Human Organ Donations WHEREAS, Organ procurement for transplantation falls far short of demand; and WHEREAS, Organ transplant... [READ MORE]

Children | Feb. 9 2012

Proposed laws threaten teaching of evolution in public schools

On the eve of the 203rd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday, lawmakers in at least four states are taking steps to hinder the teaching... [READ MORE]

Hunger/Poverty/Welfare | Jan. 5 2012

NAE releases document on climate, poverty

WASHINGTON — The National Association of Evangelicals  (NAE) released a document Dec. 14 about changes to the environment and how... [READ MORE]

Sciences/Biology | Dec. 22 2011

Cloning scientist pulling away from embryonic research

LA JOLLA, Calif. — The scientist who led the team that cloned Dolly the sheep has urged fellow researchers to forego embryonic stem cell research... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 25 2011

Chinese baby corpses reportedly cannibalized for ‘stamina’ pills

Chinese pharmaceutical companies are grinding up dead babies into stamina-enhancing pills, according to a South Korean television network. A... [READ MORE]

Financial | Aug. 4 2011

Federal judge dismisses stem cell funding challenge

WASHINGTON — A federal judge dismissed a legal challenge to government funding of embryonic stem cell research July 27, dealing an unsurprising... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | Oct. 14 2010

Federal court allows stem cell funding to continue

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court ruled Sept. 26 that government funding of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) may continue while a... [READ MORE]

Sciences/Biology | Sep. 23 2010

Anglican leader rebuts scientist

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has flatly dismissed famed scientist Stephen Hawking’s claim that gravity, not God, was responsible... [READ MORE]