Bible Beliefs | Oct. 29 2009

Smithsonian to open evolution hall, faith dialogue

WASHINGTON — The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History will open a new permanent exhibit on the “discovery and understanding... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Jun. 11 2009

Ga. to become first state with embryo adoption law

ATLANTA — The nation’s first law governing the adoption of embryos is set to take effect in Georgia after being passed by the Legislature... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Jun. 11 2009

Sex-selection abortion, cloning bans enacted in Okla.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Democratic Gov. Brad Henry has signed into law bills banning sex-selection abortions and human cloning. The sex-selection... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | May. 28 2009

Oklahoma, Minnesota take stand against cloning

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Legislature has unanimously approved a bill to prohibit all forms of human cloning, while Minnesota’s... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | May. 21 2009

Evangelical global-warming skeptics hire lobbyist

WASHINGTON — As Congress debates clean-energy legislation, a conservative Christian group is ramping up lobbying efforts to raise questions... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | May. 14 2009

Advocates say NIH guidelines are middle ground

WASHINGTON — Some pro-life religious leaders are welcoming new draft guidelines from the National Institutes of Health on embryonic stem... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Apr. 9 2009

ERLC’s Land backs coal-fired power plants

Coal-fired power plants have received the blessing of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) top lobbyist for social and moral concerns,... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Apr. 9 2009

British scientist proposes use of aborted fetal organs

LONDON — A top British scientist has recommended research into the transplantation of kidneys and livers from aborted babies, prompting... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Apr. 2 2009

Creation Museum promotes natural selection

PETERSBURG, Ky. — A Kentucky museum that advocates creationism unveiled an exhibit March 15 that affirms Charles Darwin’s theory... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Dec. 18 2008

Zoo drops plans to partner with Creation Museum

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Zoo has dropped a business arrangement with the nearby Creation Museum after it received numerous complaints... [READ MORE]