Children | Sep. 21 2000

ABC says no to early ads for R-rated films

HOLLYWOOD—The Walt Disney Company has announced its ABC network will not accept R-rated movie commercials on any TV show airing before... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Jun. 8 2000

Technology offers opportunities, hindrances for Christians

From one of those lists that get forwarded around the Internet, here are several warning signs you may be a little too “connected.”... [READ MORE]

Men | May. 11 2000

Mission Board names Internet missionary

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Siam Rogers, a telecommunications specialist who for five years has operated a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel... [READ MORE]

Church Staff | Mar. 2 2000

Pastoral support site enters cyberspace

The local ministerial association is going global via a new high-tech ministry tool being promoted by California Southern Baptist pastor Rick... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 24 2000

Health system gets Web site

A newly established Web site ( allows the Baptist health System (BHS) to serve a larger community, said Kaye Sutley, BHS corporate... [READ MORE]

Churches | Jan. 6 2000

Tips for winter fire prevention

Winter time is hectic for most churches, with Christmas musicals and dramas, as well as other special events. During the cold of winter, it is... [READ MORE]

Europe | Jan. 6 2000

Greek police close evangelical radio station

ATHENS, Greece – An evangelical Christian radio station is Athens, Greece, has been closed and a retired pastor who helped run it was jailed... [READ MORE]

Prayer | Jan. 1 2000

Ailing missionary subject of misleading e-mail rumor

How could a call for prayer ever be the wrong thing to do? After all, most Christians readily agree that prayer should be the first step rather... [READ MORE]