Addictions | Jan. 6 2011

Alabama congressman helps stop ‘secret’ plot to legalize Internet gambling

Although Alabamians once again stopped an effort to legalize gambling in the state this year, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Dec. 23 2010

Manhattan Declaration signers submit revised app

NASHVILLE — Signers of the Manhattan Declaration — a Christian document at the heart of a growing controversy — have resubmitted... [READ MORE]

Children | Nov. 18 2010

Study: TV profanity increased nearly 70 percent in 5 years

Four months after an appeals court struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadcast standards, a new study shows that... [READ MORE]

Children | Nov. 11 2010

Predators using Facebook for child pornography

Facebook houses a subculture dedicated to trafficking child pornography and interacting with potential victims, according to an investigative... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Aug. 12 2010

Using social media in ministry

“The freshmen that are walking on to campus this year have never known life without the Internet,” said Kevin Johnson, associate... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Aug. 12 2010

Legalization of Internet gambling in U.S. progresses

WASHINGTON — Congressional advocates for legalizing Internet gambling in the United States have made progress in their effort less than... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jul. 15 2010

Texting increases youth attendance at Five Points’ Bethel Baptist

Sunday morning attendance at Bethel Baptist Church, Five Points, has shot up nearly 30 percent and the number of youth has more than quadrupled... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Jun. 3 2010

Apple CEO applauded for keeping porn off iPhone

LOS ANGELES — A conservative group that monitors the entertainment industry is applauding Apple CEO Steve Jobs for his pledge to keep porn... [READ MORE]

Alabama | May. 20 2010

Tuscaloosa Baptists start Facebook prayer group, see concept take off

Chip Freeman said the view from the pulpit is sobering. “You walk into churches and you see whole churches that are a third full. You wonder... [READ MORE]

Bible Study Tools | May. 6 2010

Florida church takes services to Facebook

If you think of a church as a building, then feel free to ignore Nathan Clark. But if you think of a church as people, then just confirm his... [READ MORE]