Virtue/Character Ethics

Human Rights/Freedom | Dec. 21 2012

SBC leader supports gun ownership

Gun ownership and using lethal violence to save lives are applications of the Golden Rule, Southern Baptists’ top leader on moral and ethical... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Dec. 7 2012

Mississippi pastor charged with sexual battery

A 71-year-old Southern Baptist pastor in northern Mississippi is in jail on $1 million bond on charges of sexual battery of a child. Local media... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Nov. 1 2012

Church-planting network sued for alleged abuse cover-up

A controversial church-planting network with ties to a Southern Baptist Convention seminary has been sued in Maryland for allegedly covering... [READ MORE]

Children | Nov. 1 2012

Christians ignoring abuse?

A Christian radio host says it is time for evangelical churches to wake up to an “epidemic” of sexual abuse of children going... [READ MORE]

National News | Oct. 25 2012

SBC ethics entity joins battle against contraception mandate

The Southern Baptist Convention’s religious freedom entity has joined the legal battle against the Obama administration’s contraception... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 4 2012

Christians challenged to vote in way that glorifies God, does good to fellow man

Walking into the voting booth, you thought you were clear on how to vote. But as you look over the ballot, some of the initiatives appear “more... [READ MORE]

Children | Oct. 4 2012

Evangelicals seek future for thousands of frozen embryos

The embryo was frozen in liquid nitrogen when Gabriel and Callie Fluhrer found it. They didn’t know whether that embryo would grow to be... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Aug. 16 2012

Colorado bakery refuses to bake for gay weddings

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The owner of a Colorado bakery said in spite of picket lines and online petitions he will not change a store policy against... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Aug. 2 2012

Culture writer Jonathan Merritt clings to sexual redemption from past experiences

Culture writer Jonathan Merritt says he remains committed to “the Bible’s unambiguous standards for sexuality” after revealing... [READ MORE]

National News | Jun. 14 2012

Land signs off radio show

Southern Baptists’ top moral-concerns spokesman told listeners June 2 was his final appearance on the weekly call-in show that sparked... [READ MORE]