About Alabama

About Alabama | Aug. 27 2015

About Alabama — Teacher Quality Matters

The State of Alabama has an ambitious plan to improve its public schools. Its success is important to every Alabamian because the economic future... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jul. 16 2015

About Alabama: State Budget Reform Is a Must

The 2015 legislative session ended without a balanced budget for the coming fiscal year. Two months remain to complete this requirement, but... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 30 2015

About Alabama: Annual Proficiency Tests Underway in Public Schools

Students in Alabama’s public schools are in the midst of taking the state’s annual proficiency tests. This is the second year of testing... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Mar. 19 2015

About Alabama — What Alabamians Think About Current Public Issues

Each year the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) conducts a public opinion survey on the major issues facing our state. The 2015... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Feb. 26 2015

About Alabama — Reforming the State’s Correctional System

When the Legislature convenes in March, one of the most pressing issues it will face is reforming the state’s correctional system. Alabama... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jan. 29 2015

About Alabama — Balancing Budget Accounts

When the Alabama Legislature convenes in March, its major challenge will be how to balance the state’s two large budget accounts, which are... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Nov. 27 2014

About Alabama — Election’s Over, What’s Next?

Alabama’s state government operates on a four-year cycle known as a “quadrennium.” Each quadrennium begins with the election of the governor... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Oct. 23 2014

About Alabama — Overcoming Alabama’s Prison Problems

The Alabama Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over more than 32,000 individuals who have been convicted of a crime and are serving sentences... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Sep. 25 2014

About Alabama — Improving Public Services in Urban Areas

Perception often trails reality, and that’s the way it is with Alabama’s urban development. We tend to think of our state as the small, rural... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Aug. 21 2014

About Alabama — Considering Taxes

This is an election year for state officials, and normally candidates would shy away from any talk of tax increases. However, both candidates... [READ MORE]