About Alabama

About Alabama | Jun. 26 2014

About Alabama — Finding the Money to Build and Maintain Alabama’s Roads

Few governmental responsibilities affect people more directly than providing the roadways on which we travel. Alabama has 3.8 million licensed... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | May. 29 2014

About Alabama — Exercising Your Power to Vote

The ability to vote for public officials and issues is a precious power enjoyed by American citizens. This is the year for electing state officials... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 24 2014

About Alabama — Improving Alabama’s Tax Bargain

In the 25 years that the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama has had its finger on the pulse of Alabama’s taxes, they have remained... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Mar. 27 2014

About Alabama — It’s Really Not A Trivial Matter

The other day, a colleague at Samford University asked me if Alabama’s constitution is still the longest in the country, which prompted me... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Mar. 6 2014

About Alabama — Importance of Workforce Development

Few states can match Alabama’s success in attracting new business investment during the past two decades. These results in industries ranging... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jan. 23 2014

About Alabama — The Legislature Tackles Difficult State Budgets for 2015

The 2014 legislative session is now underway. Without a doubt, the most difficult task facing lawmakers will be to develop sound, balanced state... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jan. 2 2014

About Alabama — Alabama’s First Class pre-kindergarten program

Students who participate as 4-year-olds in Alabama’s First Class pre-K program outperform their peers academically once they reach elementary... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Nov. 28 2013

About Alabama — 2013 National Test Results Show Little Change in State’s Rankings

This month, the National Center for Education Statistics issued the 2013 edition of The Nation’s Report Card, which compares test results in... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Oct. 24 2013

About Alabama — Do Low Taxes Produce Efficient Government?

A recent Census Bureau report shows that Alabama remains the lowest-taxing state in the U.S. Tax collections in 2011 — both state and local... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Sep. 26 2013

About Alabama — Potential Dividends from More High School Graduates

By the year 2020, 90 percent of students should be graduating on time from Alabama high schools, under a goal adopted in 2012 by the State Board... [READ MORE]