About Alabama

About Alabama | Aug. 22 2013

About Alabama — Time to Think About Alabama’s Highway Investments

Taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel are the main sources of money for building and maintaining the state’s roads and bridges. The State of Alabama... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jul. 18 2013

About Alabama — Alabama Recognized for Pacesetting Educational Progress

It’s not every day that southern states are recognized for leadership in education, but a recent report by the Southern Regional Education... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jun. 27 2013

About Alabama — How productive is the Legislature?

The 2013 regular session of the Alabama Legislature adjourned May 20. According to the Legislative Fiscal Office, taxpayers pay about $874,000... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | May. 23 2013

About Alabama — Evaluating Alabama’s Economic Progress

Alabama trailed all but four states in employment growth during 2012, according to data recently released by the U.S. Department of Labor. Federal... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 18 2013

About Alabama — Thinking About Tax Burdens

April is an appropriate month to pause and think about tax burdens. For Alabamians, the story has pluses and minuses. While our state and local... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Mar. 28 2013

About Alabama — Deciding what to do about failing schools

The hottest issue in the current legislative session is what to do about failing public schools. This is a critical matter for our state. Eighty-seven... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Feb. 21 2013

About Alabama — Alabama’s High School Graduation Rate

In January the U.S. Department of Education released estimates of the high school graduation rate for all 50 states. These estimates, based on... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jan. 17 2013

About Alabama — Slow-Growing State in Fast-Growing Part of Country

The Census Bureau released its annual estimates of the populations of the 50 states in December. The numbers show that Alabama continues to be... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Dec. 20 2012

About Alabama — What Will ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Mean for Alabama?

Unless Congress and the president agree this month on an alternative solution, in January the United States government will tumble over a “fiscal... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Nov. 15 2012

About Alabama — Student Test Scores Rise But Achievement Gaps Persist

Last spring students in grades 3–8 of Alabama’s public schools took statewide tests of reading and math skills. The results were generally... [READ MORE]