About Alabama

About Alabama | Aug. 16 2012

About Alabama — Collecting Taxes on ‘Remote’ Sales

While the governor and a majority of legislators have taken a “no-new-taxes” pledge, they did provide in the recent legislative session for... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jul. 19 2012

About Alabama — A Tough Choice

On Sept. 18, Alabama voters will decide in a special election whether to approve a constitutional amendment proposed by the Legislature in May.... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jun. 21 2012

About Alabama — Should bankruptcy be an option for Alabama’s local governments?

Maybe a better question is, “Why should the finances of a city or county ever get so bad that it can’t pay its bills and has to seek protection... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | May. 17 2012

About Alabama — Metro counties Alabama’s ‘growth engines’

Alabama remains one of the slowest-growing states in the Southeast. Since the 2010 Census, the state’s population has increased at only half... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 19 2012

About Alabama — Alabama’s Economic Progress

Alabama, like other states, is in the middle of a slow recovery from the Great Recession that began in 2008. Recent statistics show signs of... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jan. 12 2012

About Alabama — Is Earmarking the Best Way to Control Our State’s Budget?

Earmarking is a way of controlling government spending by predetermining how revenues can be used. The more earmarking there is, the less freedom... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Dec. 8 2011

About Alabama — Homegrown Alabama

Chances are that most people who read this column are “homegrown” Alabamians. An estimated 70 percent of those who live in the state today... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Nov. 10 2011

About Alabama — Home Rule and the Alabama Constitution

A state constitution provides the framework within which governmental decisions are made. Some decisions affect the whole state and should be... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Oct. 13 2011

About Alabama — Alabama’s Sales Taxes

In broad terms, governments levy three types of taxes to raise revenue. They tax • what we own (property taxes), • what we earn (income taxes)... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Sep. 8 2011

About Alabama — Measuring School Performance

How well are the public schools in your community doing? Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or citizen, you have a stake in the answer... [READ MORE]