Book Reviews

Book Reviews | Sep. 16 2004

The Power of Patriotism

Beth Chapman. 168 pages (hardback). Order from or “The Power of Patriotism,” 725 Haycort Lane, Birmingham, AL... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Sep. 16 2004

Famous Lovers in the Bible

Doug and B.J. Jenson. Birmingham, Ala.: New Hope Publishers, 2004. 224 pages (paperback). This book examines 10 biblical couples and points out... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Aug. 19 2004

Book reviews

The Parthenon Code  Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. Annapolis, Md.: Solving Lights Books, 2004. 288 pages. Call 410-757-4630 for information and... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Jul. 16 2004

‘Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs’

Tim and Darcy Kimmel presents this wonderful new video/DVD study shows grandparents how to use their second chance to impact the lives of their... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Jul. 1 2004

‘With Open Eyes’ helps celebrate the love and power of God

This collection of 30 unique readings shows how God is present in every element of our lives. From the streets of New York City to the back roads... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Jul. 1 2004

Book offers great marriage advice from leading experts

‘Lovers for Life’ is an inside view from leading authors, speakers, pastors and seminar leaders like Gary Chapman, Kevin Leman, Cheri... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Feb. 19 2004

The Sacred Truth

Emir and Ergun Caner. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2003. 238 pp. (Hardback). Since the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC)... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Feb. 19 2004

Set Apart

R. Kent Hughes. Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2003. 176 pp. (Paperback). While God’s desire is that the church be different from the world... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Feb. 19 2004

911, God Help Us

Roy L. Williams. 248 pp. Call author: 205-325-2471. (Hardback). Subtitled “A Journalist’s Tale of Faith,” this powerful and... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Feb. 19 2004

The Faith of George W. Bush

Stephen Mansfield. Lake Marys, Fla.: Charim House, 2003. 200 pp. (Hardback). Admitting that no one can accurately predict how President Bush... [READ MORE]