Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts | Jun. 24 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Simple act of celebrating with older siblings during their moment in the spotlight offers expanded life lesson

Among the Class of 2020 high school graduates across the nation are my nephew — Jacob Davis, Russellville High School — and niece — Taylor... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Jun. 17 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Seeking suggestions for how we can channel angst and point people to Christ; what would you add to the list?

More and more people are choosing to take a break from social media right now. And many are limiting their time and focus on the various platforms.... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Jun. 3 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Simple decision to abide in Christ key to true success in life; requires intentionality and protecting the relationship

Why do we tend to make the simplest things the most complicated? That’s what popped in my mind as Pastor Bill Wilks of NorthPark Baptist Church,... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 27 2020

Rashional Thoughts: TAB Talks – Devotions

You may already do a daily devotion (if so, share a few tips with us) but if not, 10 minutes a day will make a difference Karen Moore, devotional... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 20 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Memorial Day salute

The staff and board of TAB Media remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the freedoms available to us today. As we... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 13 2020

Rashional Thoughts: How do we respond?

Rashional Thoughts: Fatal shooting of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery difficult to comprehend, opportunity to make a true difference Ahmaud Arbery,... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 6 2020

Rashional Thoughts: How well you are doing in representing love to the world?

Read the following Scripture through once as is.  Then read it a second time and replace the word love with your name. “Love is patient,... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Apr. 29 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Alabama native, former TAB Media correspondent nears two-year mark as editor of Georgia’s Christian Index

How about a shoutout to our Alabama Baptist communications “missionary” to Georgia, Scott Barkley? Scott is nearing his two-year anniversary... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Apr. 15 2020

Rashional Thoughts: We can’t gather in person to share praise reports right now, but we can give shoutouts through TAB Media

It’s only been about six weeks, but it seems like six months now — all thanks to how quickly and how much life has changed since COVID-19... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Apr. 1 2020

Rashional Thoughts: Feeling a touch of sadness for our graduating high school seniors but also confident in their resiliency

You know how much Jason and I adore our nephews and nieces — I’m sure the heightened level of our connection comes because we don’t have... [READ MORE]