Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts | Apr. 6 2021

Rashional Thoughts: What if it were your brother, mother, child or even you needing a second chance?

Is it really possible for people with a past to have a productive, positive future? Are we willing to give others a second chance when they make…

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Rashional Thoughts | Mar. 31 2021

Rashional Thoughts: What does it really mean to ‘be the hands and feet of Jesus’?

About 200 families in three areas of the state worked late into the night March 25 salvaging as many items as they could. The “long-lived”…

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Rashional Thoughts | Mar. 17 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Our concerns do matter — pray for your elected officials and share your heart

How about that state gambling legislation result from March 9? I wasn’t sure Senate Bill 214 could be defeated in the Senate, but I was impressed…

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Rashional Thoughts | Mar. 10 2021

Forgiving ourselves hard but essential step in healing process

So many things we wish we would have said or done — and now it’s too late. If only we could have one more conversation, then we would definitely…

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Rashional Thoughts | Mar. 3 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Do you assume the best or worst in people as a first response?

The puffy shoulders on my wedding dress dated me for a while, but with the latest clothing trend showcasing exaggerated shoulders, I might just…

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Rashional Thoughts | Feb. 24 2021

Rashional Thoughts: The difference clear communication, unified effort can make

As temperatures dropped into the teens last week, I walked over to the thermostat and bumped it up from 68 to 72 without a second thought. I…

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Rashional Thoughts | Feb. 17 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Thank you for being ‘you have lettuce in your teeth’ kind of friends

Concerned about my hair and making sure my necklace fell properly, I forgot to check for lipstick on my teeth. And wouldn’t you know it, my…

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Rashional Thoughts | Feb. 11 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Theological training, networking opportunities widely available

My friend Kristen’s advice to upcoming seminary students is: Don’t choose a seminary on “who will get me where I want to go fastest and…

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Rashional Thoughts | Feb. 3 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Tribute to Rash family patriarch — hard worker, deep thinker

Known for his kindness and quiet demeanor, Cecil Rash was a dedicated family man with an impeccable work ethic and calm presence. That’s the…

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Rashional Thoughts | Jan. 28 2021

Rashional Thoughts: Working to understand the opposite point of view always helps

When Jason and I are both home at the same time, I adjust one of the chairs beside the piano constantly. I prefer it angled, while Jason likes…

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