Theology 101

Bible Studies | Jan. 13 2021

Theology 101 — Be it resolved

Governing bodies, committees and other formal groups often pass resolutions as expressions of their opinion or intention. Individuals also often... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Jan. 6 2021

Theology 101 — From One Year to the Next

These early days of January are transitional, as we learn to abandon the habit of dating items with 2020 and begin to use 2021. The name given... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Dec. 23 2020

Theology 101 — A Time for Outward Testifying

For the past two weeks, Theology 101 has used actions of Mary, the mother of our Lord, as the basis for suggesting that the birth of Jesus is... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Dec. 16 2020

Theology 101 — A Time for Inward Pondering

Last week our emphasis was on Christmas as a time for godward rejoicing. This week our attention focuses on Mary following the actual birth of... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Dec. 9 2020

Theology 101 — A Time for Godward Rejoicing

Several features of the Christmas story as recorded in the opening chapters of Luke are suggestive of practical Christian responses at this special... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Dec. 2 2020

Theology 101 — The Church: The Pillar and Ground of Truth

Strongholds of Truth For several weeks we have been thinking about truth. For Christians, truth is rooted in the nature of God. The Bible captures... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Nov. 25 2020

Theology 101 — The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Truth

Thinking About Truth On the evening before His crucifixion, Christ had much to say to His disciples in what has become known as His Upper Room... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Nov. 18 2020

Theology 101 — The Bible, the Written Record of Truth

Strongholds of Truth Two weeks ago, Theology 101 began an emphasis on truth. We looked last week at Christ as the embodied or incarnate truth.... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Nov. 11 2020

Theology 101 — Christ, The Living Embodiment of Truth

Strongholds of Truth Being imperfect persons living in an imperfect world, we live at risk of having truth elude us or slip through our fingers.... [READ MORE]

Theology 101 | Nov. 4 2020

Theology 101 — Thinking About Truth

Strongholds of Truth In the afterglow of a national election, we are again keenly aware that truth is of unusual importance. That importance... [READ MORE]