International News | Jan. 14 2016

Bill to defund Planned Parenthood awaits Obama’s decision

Sitting on President Barack Obama’s hypothetical desk is a repeal bill that would not only defund the abortion corporation Planned Parenthood... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 14 2016

Pro-life women seek to equip Christians to address life situations from biblical perspective in new book

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is preparing to publish a book by women on being pro-life in all of life.... [READ MORE]

National News | Jan. 14 2016

Planned Parenthood dumps aborted babies in landfills, Ohio AG reports

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s (PPFA) public persona now includes a report that the remains of babies aborted at some of its... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 7 2016

Relief organizations applaud passage of omnibus, tax bills

Several Christian and relief organizations applauded the recent passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 and the Protecting Americans... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 7 2016

Leaders urge military to respect all religions

Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Mormon and Catholic leaders with strong military ties joined together Dec. 18, 2015, in urging the military... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 24 2015

Developing countries, poor residents topic of concern after Paris Agreement

As diplomats from more than 190 nations spent nearly two weeks in Paris hammering out details of an international agreement to reduce climate... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 17 2015

Faith and Family: Aging well as a baby boomer — Health, finances top concerns for baby boomers; faith provides peace amid worries

Search “baby boomers” and “top concerns” online, and two things will lead the results: money and health. The first wave... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Nov. 19 2015

‘Multifaceted attack on drug problem’ only way to help, Godfrey says

Alabama has seen a significant decrease in methamphetamine (meth) labs since 2014, but meth production and use is still a “serious problem”... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 12 2015

Pro-family voters score ‘massive victory’ at recent polls

Pro-family voters scored wins at the polls Nov. 3. Houston overturned a measure that granted protected status to homosexuals and transgendered... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 9 2015

Enforcement of legal, illegal gambling operations now up to local officials

The mesmerizing atmosphere of a dark, smoky casino floor complete with rows and rows of whistling electronic gambling machines continues to exist... [READ MORE]