Persecuted Church

Persecuted Church | May. 22 2020

Violence against Christians continues in Nigeria

JOS, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen continue to kidnap, attack and kill Christians in Nigeria. In the past few weeks: In Plateau state, the... [READ MORE]

International News | May. 21 2020

Police arrest, assault Christians preparing relief aid in India

NEW DELHI – A pastor and seven others putting relief packets together for the poor were assaulted by police who arrested them on a baseless... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 15 2020

Two young Christian women in Uganda beaten for faith

BUGIRI DISTRICT, Uganda — Two young Christian women were beaten in separate attacks in eastern Uganda. Radical Muslims attacked Lydia Nabirye,... [READ MORE]

Persecuted Church | May. 10 2020

Cuban journalist threatened over religious freedom reporting

HAVANA — Officials with Cuba’s Department of State Security have repeatedly threatened a Christian author and journalist who reports on human... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 2 2020

Thirty year old in India tells others about Jesus, beaten unconscious

HYDERABAD, India — A mob of 60 animists beat a Christian man unconscious March 12 in India, reportedly for telling others about Jesus Christ.... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Apr. 28 2020

Nigerian Christians killed in violent ambushes by Fulani herdsmen

JOS, Nigeria — Two Christians were decapitated April 13 in Nigeria in ongoing violence by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. The two Catholics were ambushed... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Apr. 20 2020

Pastor arrested after rebuking COVID-19 in name of Jesus

HYDERABAD, India ­— A Christian pastor was arrested by Nepali police after an internet video showed him rebuking COVID-19 in the name of Jesus... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 30 2019

Christian mother in Somalia divorced, forced to leave children after Bible discovered

A 32-year-old mother of two in Somalia was forced to leave her home after her husband discovered a Bible in her possession. The woman, who secretly... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 28 2019

More clergy members in Nigeria killed by Fulani herdsmen

Attacks in Nigeria have left more than 600 dead, some of them pastors and clergy members. Dozens of others have been kidnapped in the continued... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 23 2019

Foreign Christians arrested on charges of ‘converting’ in Nepal

A Christian from South Korea arrested in Nepal on charges of “attempting to convert” was released Aug. 7. Cho Yusang, a 73-year-old evangelical... [READ MORE]

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