Persecuted Church

Persecuted Church | Apr. 9 2021

Algerian pastor, coworker convicted for ‘undermining’ faith of Muslim

ORAN, Algeria — A pastor and Christian coworker were convicted in absentia, fined and sentenced to imprisonment by an Algerian court for “undermining…

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Persecuted Church | Apr. 3 2021

February another deadly month for Christians in Nigeria

JOS, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen continue their violence against Christians, killing 12 in north-central Nigeria in the first 17 days…

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Persecuted Church | Mar. 22 2021

Christian pastor, mother raped in attack in eastern Uganda

KAPYANI, Uganda — Muslim extremists raped a female Christian pastor in December in eastern Uganda. The 50-year-old widow and mother of five…

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Persecuted Church | Mar. 21 2021

Christians in India under pressure from new ‘anti-conversion’ law

NOIDA, India — A Korean Christian and three Indian nationals were arrested last year on fraudulent charges that they violated Uttar Pradesh…

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Persecuted Church | Mar. 8 2021

Pakistani Christians face charges for studying Bible in public park

LAHORE, Pakistan — Two Christians face blasphemy charges for studying the Bible in a park on Feb. 13. Haroon Ayub Masih and Salamat Mansha…

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Persecuted Church | Mar. 1 2021

Pregnant Christian miscarries after beating by Hindu extremists

DEWADA, India — A pregnant woman lost her baby after being beaten by Hindu extremists who attacked Christians at a New Year’s Eve celebration.…

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Persecuted Church | Feb. 25 2021

Special report: Church building in Belarus seized, religious freedom remains under attack

Government authorities in Minsk, Belarus, on Feb. 17 seized the building of New Life Church, the largest and most influential evangelical church…

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Persecuted Church | Feb. 22 2021

Uzbek authorities deny Protestant church applications, incite fear

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan — The Uzbekistan government reportedly has denied Protestant churches’ applications to exist, with some leaders saying…

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Persecuted Church | Feb. 15 2021

5 Nigerian Christians kidnapped Christmas Day executed by captors

GARKIDA, Nigeria — Five of 11 Christians kidnapped Christmas Day in Garkida, Nigeria, reportedly were executed by Islamic terrorists. The Islamic…

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Persecuted Church | Feb. 1 2021

Christian sisters slain in Pakistan after refusing to convert to Islam

LAHORE, Pakistan — Two Christian sisters whose supervisors tried to pressure them to convert to Islam and marry them were found slain Jan.…

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