Addictions | Aug. 27 2019

Each Harvest Evangelism graduate has unique story

By Lanell Downs Smith Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Fourteen graduates of Harvest Evangelism’s recovery program celebrated one year free... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Aug. 18 2016

Lottery won’t give healthier future to our children, Alabama pediatrician says

Shame on us. The lottery is no way to finance the Medicaid program that provides health insurance for more than a million Alabamians — with... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Aug. 4 2016

Christian father survives family tragedy, shares hope to encourage others in journey

Steve Hutton’s family was the “typical cute Southern Baptist yuppie family, even with a real-live white picket fence in the backyard.”... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Apr. 14 2016

Final court ruling against VictoryLand could end electronic bingo saga

Using firm language, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled against VictoryLand’s casino forfeiture case March 31. The decision allows the state... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Mar. 3 2016

Rapid rise of overdose deaths in Alabama mirrors national statistics

In the lead up to February’s New Hampshire presidential primaries, candidates Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina shared their stories of family... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Feb. 25 2016

Addiction prevention includes addressing heart matters early, providing support for those who struggle

As more and more heroin addicts attribute the start of their addiction to legal prescriptions, Christian recovery specialists say parents must... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Feb. 18 2016

Legislation calling for vote for state-sponsored lottery ‘on fast track’

Legislation promoting a state-sponsored lottery seems to be “on the fast track,” according to Joe Godfrey, executive director of... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Jan. 28 2016

Parental influence, spiritual preparation key to teens’ sexual integrity

When we think of hypersexualized media we usually think of X-rated magazines and online pornography. But what about the photos in the lingerie... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Jan. 28 2016

Biblical freedom includes freedom from shame

There is very little direct mention of addiction in Scripture. However, there are several passages that when taken together shed light on a discussion... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Jan. 28 2016

God’s grace can overcome sexual sin

How many marriages have been damaged and ruined because of sexual sin? How many people have had serious financial issues associated with affairs... [READ MORE]