Gender/Sexual Issues | Feb. 5 2015

Evangelical-Catholic coalition addresses same-sex ‘marriage’

In the wake of an interfaith Vatican conference on marriage in November 2014, a coalition of Roman Catholics and evangelicals — including Alabama... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Jan. 29 2015

Atlanta fire chief fired over pro-family book

ATLANTA — Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has been fired over controversy about a Christian-themed book he wrote that has been criticized... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jan. 22 2015

Confront conflict with better communication in first year of marriage

My husband and I had been married exactly six days when we had our first argument. On the surface it was over a little thing — where to... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jan. 22 2015

Taking time, energy to prepare can result in happier marriage, counselor says

Marriage often is compared to endurance athletic events and for good reason. Failure to prepare well for either can lead to problems but both... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jan. 22 2015

Ministers offer spiritual, financial, emotional guidance to engaged couples

Once upon a time an unhappy frog lived in the enchanted forest. Year after year the frog stayed in his swampy pond until the day he coaxed a... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jan. 1 2015

Support for church-state split popular among Americans, survey shows

Such a church-state split — already endorsed by some Catholic and evangelical leaders — is showing surprising popularity in two new... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jan. 1 2015

Watchdogs disagree with right of conscience in marriage laws

If a government clerk has a religious objection to gay “marriage,” he or she can lawfully delegate the responsibility to issue a... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Dec. 4 2014

Warren discusses God’s plan for marriage with international religious leaders at Vatican

Christians must defend marriage by facing opponents winsomely and demonstrating that God’s plan of one man and one woman for life promotes... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 13 2014

Appeals court upholds state marriage laws

A federal appeals court upheld state laws that refuse to recognize same-sex “marriage” Nov. 6, seemingly preparing the way for the U.S.... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Oct. 23 2014

Sisters handle death of their husbands in opposite ways

It was one tragic event involving two siblings and two different reactions of grief, spirituality and faith. Sisters Heather Gilion and Holly... [READ MORE]