Marriage | Jul. 27 2000

Facts of faith important for kid’s spiritual growth

Developing a faith tied more to the church than a personal relationship with God was cited as a pitfall of growing up in a minister’s home.... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jul. 20 2000

Churches provide vital ministry for children of divorced parents

Looking in from the outside, a family may seem to have an ideal existence not unlike that of the Cleavers or some other fantasy television household.... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 29 2000

Local Smalley conference tackles marriage for life

Couples who succeed are those who focus on the positive aspects of their mates, according to speakers at a recent marriage conference. Speaking... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 15 2000

Couples who talk stay together

Rod Marshall, director of counseling with the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, said he’s disappointed but... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Jun. 8 2000

Stanley announces divorce from wife

Former Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president Charles Stanley has announced he and his wife have divorced. Stanley, senior pastor of First... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | May. 4 2000

Homosexuals gain Vermont victory

Vermont’s governor on April 26 signed into law landmark legislation granting the full benefits of marriage to homosexual and lesbian couples... [READ MORE]

Financial | May. 4 2000

Turning to the Lord in times of heartache

I just can’t imagine you would ever have a thing bother you,” she said. “You always seem to be so on top of things and always... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 20 2000

Missionary couple share love for work in Africa

  If missionaries Jim and Brenda Brock had their way, they would still be living in Africa today. The Brocks, along with their daughter,... [READ MORE]

Marriage | Apr. 6 2000

Oklahoma governor expands divorce fight

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating — long-time proponent of reducing the state’s divorce rate, which is the second... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | Apr. 6 2000

Minister’s marriage contract rejected

A Pentecostal minister’s strict marriage contract with his wife has been thrown out by an appeals court judge. Myles Spires Jr. attempted... [READ MORE]