Real Life Issues

Alabama News | Jul. 22 2016

Faith and Family: Healing from shame and guilt — Shame functions by drawing one’s attention away from God’s voice

In the New Testament letter to the Hebrews, we are provided with a model for how to effectively approach shame: “Therefore, since we are... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jul. 22 2016

Faith and Family: Healing from shame and guilt — Parents should seek to live out the gospel while raising children, give grace

Children make messes and mistakes. They get angry and say things without thinking. They forget our instructions and do things that cause us to... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Jul. 15 2016

Unique platform, opportunity for ministry appears in Pokémon Go game

If your church is suddenly overtaken by Millennials with their eyes stuck on their phones, you can thank Pokémon. And several Alabama... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Jul. 14 2016

Former minister now ‘prisoner to pain’ finds purpose, success while ‘lost’ in art

Almost by accident, Kerry Smith has become a popular artist — a sculptor, painter and woodcarver. But he hasn’t done it alone. His... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 23 2016

Alabama Acteen on national panel

Sarah Golden (left), a member of Eastern Hills Baptist Church, Montgomery, served on the 2016 National Acteens Panel for national Woman’s... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Jun. 21 2016

SBC 2016 — Messengers adopt increased budget, approve Golden Gate’s name change

Messengers participating in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, approved a $189 million Cooperative... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 16 2016

National Center for Health Statistics says teen birth rates in nation, Alabama on steep decline because of economy

The trend in teen birth rates is continuing to decline along with teen pregnancy and abortion rates among teens. According to a new report from... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 16 2016

Judge issues ‘marriage’ order

U.S. District Court Judge Callie V.S. Granade issued a June 7 order attempting to ensure same-sex “marriages” in all 67 Alabama counties. ... [READ MORE]

College and Career | Jun. 16 2016

Golden Gate Seminary locks doors on Mill Valley campus

MILL VALLEY, Calif. — Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary closed its main campus in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 3 to prepare... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Jun. 16 2016

Alabama Baptist colleges named among best 4-year colleges in state

All three Alabama Baptist colleges — Judson College in Marion, Samford University in Birmingham and the University of Mobile (UM) —... [READ MORE]