Africa | Sep. 18 2020

Attacks continue on Nigerian Christians

KADUNA, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen continue their attacks on Nigerian Christians, killing 10 on July 24 and another 37 in Kaduna state... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 8 2020

Nigerian violence sparked by history, grudges, poverty and religion

While some religious freedom advocates characterize the violence in Nigeria in very black-and-white terms — nothing short of Muslim persecution... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 3 2020

Kenyan family who fled violence in Nairobi attacked again for faith

ISIOLO, Kenya — Muslim extremists beat a Christian woman unconscious in Isiolo, Kenya, and attacked her brother and sister in ongoing persecution... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 1 2020

Violence against Christians in Nigeria escalates yearly

With every passing year, the body count grows larger, and tales of violence — rapes, beheadings, mutilations, kidnappings, torching of homes... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 13 2020

Christian genocide underway in Nigeria, experts warn

JOS, Nigeria — Nine women and children were fatally shot or hacked to death by Muslim Fulani herdsmen June 3 in ongoing violence against Christians... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 30 2019

Christian mother in Somalia divorced, forced to leave children after Bible discovered

A 32-year-old mother of two in Somalia was forced to leave her home after her husband discovered a Bible in her possession. The woman, who secretly... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 28 2019

More clergy members in Nigeria killed by Fulani herdsmen

Attacks in Nigeria have left more than 600 dead, some of them pastors and clergy members. Dozens of others have been kidnapped in the continued... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 30 2019

Widow in Uganda flees after receiving threats

A widow in central Uganda fled her home after receiving threats from local Muslim leaders when she arranged for a pastor to bury the body of... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 1 2019

Persecuted church: More than 200 Christians killed in continued escalating attacks throughout Nigeria

Christian deaths are spiraling in Nigeria as militant Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists escalate their attacks, according to reports... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 26 2019

Hundreds dead in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe after tropical cyclone Idai

Tropical Cyclone Idai brought torrential rain and wind as it made landfall near Beira City, Mozambique, in southeast Africa. Hundreds are confirmed... [READ MORE]