Africa | Apr. 1 2019

Persecuted church: More than 200 Christians killed in continued escalating attacks throughout Nigeria

Christian deaths are spiraling in Nigeria as militant Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists escalate their attacks, according to reports... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 26 2019

Hundreds dead in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe after tropical cyclone Idai

Tropical Cyclone Idai brought torrential rain and wind as it made landfall near Beira City, Mozambique, in southeast Africa. Hundreds are confirmed... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 23 2019

Muslim attacks, harassment at Coptic church prompts closure

MANSHIYET ZAAFARNA, Egypt — Police evicted Coptic priests and shuttered the church building of Mar-Giris (St. George) after Islamist protests.... [READ MORE]

Africa | Dec. 5 2018

Christian family ordered to return to Islam

GARSEN, Kenya — After a family in southeast Kenya put their faith in Christ recently, Muslims gave them one day to return to Islam or be killed,... [READ MORE]

Africa | Dec. 2 2018

Islamist terrorist ambush kills 7 Christians

CAIRO — Seven Coptic Christians, including six from the same family, were ambushed and killed Nov. 2 in an attack on their bus by Islamist... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 14 2018

African Catholic Church ‘tax’ draws objections

KAMPALA, Uganda — Thousands of Catholics in one of the world’s poorest nations are objecting after the Church asked the government to collect... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 7 2018

Muslim extremists kill 2 Christian teachers

NAIROBI, Kenya — Islamic extremists suspected to be Al Shabaab militants killed two Christians on Oct. 10 in northern Kenya. More than 20 suspected... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 7 2018

Sudan authorities torture, release Christians

DARFUR, Sudan — After torturing them and threatening to charge them with serious crimes, authorities in Sudan have released 13 Christians arrested... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 7 2018

Dozens killed in attack on Nigerian market

JOS, Nigeria — Muslims attacked a market in Kaduna State in north-central Nigeria on Oct. 18, killing dozens of Christians and burning a church... [READ MORE]

Africa | Oct. 29 2018

Terrorists vow to hold Sharibu a ‘slave for life’

DAPCHI, Nigeria — A terrorist group holding Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu hostage has vowed to keep her as a “slave for life.” The... [READ MORE]