Africa | Sep. 24 2017

Somali militants kill 4 Christians in Kenya

BOBO, Kenya — Members of the Somali militant group al-Shabab killed four Christians in coastal Kenya on Sept. 6, a local source said. Shaken... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 22 2017

Sudanese police arrest 7 church leaders

OMDURMAN, Sudan — Police in Sudan arrested and interrogated seven church leaders in late August in Omdurman, Sudan, before releasing them on... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 17 2017

Sudanese police raid homes of church leaders

OMDURMAN, Sudan — In further efforts to help a Muslim businessman take over church property, police in Sudan evicted two church leaders and... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 15 2017

Herdsmen attack Christian farmers in Nigeria

RIYOM, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacks on predominantly Christian Berom farmers in Plateau state, Nigeria, amount to “economic terrorism,”... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 13 2017

Egypt closes church, blocks worship at another

MINYA, Egypt — Egyptian officials have closed at least 15 Christian worship sites in the Upper Egypt bishopric of Minya and blocked worship... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 10 2017

Child suicide bombings at all-time high

DORO GOWON, Nigeria — Boko Haram’s abuse of children as suicide bombers is at an all-time high in the Lake Chad region including northeast... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 15 2017

Khartoum, Sudan, state parliament reject order for Christian schools to open on Sundays

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Members of the Khartoum, Sudan, state parliament have rejected an order by the minister of education stating all Christian... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 31 2017

Food aid reaches Christians in Nigeria

BORNO, Nigeria — Food aid is beginning to reach Nigerian Christians and others displaced by Boko Haram violence in the Lake Chad Basin, World... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 22 2017

Kenya’s government to employ school chaplains

NAIROBI, Kenya — Religious leaders in Kenya have welcomed a government move to recruit chaplains for all public high schools as a measure intended... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 21 2017

Sudanese authorities demolish church building

SOBA AL ARADI, South Sudan — Khartoum state authorities in Sudan demolished a church building May 7 as Christians were preparing to worship,... [READ MORE]