Asia | Sep. 28 2020

Turkey denies visas to Christians, banning their return to country

ANKARA, Turkey — The government of Turkey appears to be singling out foreign Christians, forcing them to leave the country or banning their... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 20 2020

Mother of four killed in India while protecting daughter from attack

NEW DELHI, India — A Christian mother of four was killed in July for refusing to let her daughter be raped by Hindu men. Two masked Hindus... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 14 2020

Pakistani Christian sentenced to death

A Pakistani court sentenced a Christian man to death after finding him guilty of blasphemy, his defense lawyer said Sept. 10. Asif Pervaiz, 37,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 28 2020

Churches raided, arrests made after refusing to join government association

XIAMEN, China — Police raided a Christian house church in early May, injuring worshippers filming the raid with cell phones. It was the second... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 23 2020

Tennessee couple’s four years of prayer walking in Japan lead to constant reminders of His work

By Stella McMillian International Mission Board When International Mission Board (IMB) worker Jack Wattanawongsawang and his wife Prinna moved... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 14 2020

Christian in Pakistan charged with blasphemy over Facebook post

A Christian man in Pakistan has been charged with blasphemy over a Facebook post. The Christian Post reported that the man made a theological... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 14 2020

Chinese Christians forced to replace religious images with portraits of Chinese president

Chinese Christians are being forced to replace items such as crosses in their homes with portraits of Chinese president Xi Jinping, according... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jul. 31 2020

Gospel for Asia issued a call for ‘compassionate prayer’

Gospel for Asia issued a call for ‘compassionate prayer’ after more than 160 people were killed by a mudslide at a jade mine in northern... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 23 2020

Japan prayer effort continues despite Olympics postponement

By Margaret Colson The Alabama Baptist Known as the “land of the rising sun,” Japan is one of the most unreached countries in the world,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 23 2019

Foreign Christians arrested on charges of ‘converting’ in Nepal

A Christian from South Korea arrested in Nepal on charges of “attempting to convert” was released Aug. 7. Cho Yusang, a 73-year-old evangelical... [READ MORE]