Asia | Jan. 11 2001

Baptists join forces for work in Korea

A total of 2,754 new believers have been added to the kingdom of God through a partnership evangelism project involving Baptists from the United... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 4 2001

Mobile pastor’s childhood escape from native Vietnam led him to Christ

When Hoang (Paul) Huynh, pastor of the Vietnamese Baptist Mission in Mobile, was 12, it seemed that he’d have to live without hope under... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 21 2000

Chinese coffee house hot location for witnessing

Christian workers at on location in China have been amazed that most of the seekers they have been working with over the last year have become... [READ MORE]

Africa | Dec. 21 2000

Christians in Middle East caught in crossfire

If Joseph and Mary were to venture into Bethlehem this Christmas Eve looking for a room at the inn, they’d need a fast donkey to dodge... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 21 2000

Turkish Christian pastor ousted by political police

Turkmenistan’s political police recently evicted a Protestant Christian pastor with his wife and two children from their home near Ashgabad,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 14 2000

Missionary efforts not new to Taiwan

Baptists are active in Taiwan, but missionary efforts I the country can be traced back to more than 400 years ago. According to information provided... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 14 2000

“No Christmas in Malukus’

Indonesian Muslim extremists warn that Christmas may be canceled in the Maluku Island this year   Candles will be used by people around... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 14 2000

Taiwan steeped in tradition

Charles Dickens once characterized London and Paris as “A Tale of Two Cities.” But, with a slight modification of the British writer’s... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 14 2000

Ministry team focused on leading students to Jesus

Assuring the next generation of Taiwanese people have heard the gospel is the goal of the Taiwan Baptist Mission’s Unbound Student Ministry... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 30 2000

Three-fourths of the world does not have religious freedom

About 75 percent of the world’s population is subjected to restrictions and violations of their religious freedom, according to a recent... [READ MORE]