Asia | Aug. 25 2018

Philippine president challenges religion

MANILA, Philippines — In a speech on July 6, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte said he will resign if anybody can prove that God exists.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 8 2018

Christians harassed with false charges

NEW DELHI — Three evangelists in India have been accused of fraudulent conversion though no formal charges have been filed. Church leaders... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 8 2018

Pastor in hiding after extremist attacks

RAIKASHIPUR, India — Brandishing hockey sticks and a gun that was fired on house-church grounds, masked Hindu extremists assaulted Christians... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 3 2018

Hindu extremists suspected in arsons

SEEKANANKUPPAM, India — Three church buildings were set ablaze in six weeks in southern India, the most attacks against Christians this year,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jul. 25 2018

Pastor in India arrested for forcible conversion

NEW DELHI — A pastor in Uttar Pradesh state was filing affidavits stating that 16 people had become Christians of their own will this week... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jul. 13 2018

Asia holds most, least religious nations

BEIJING — China is the country with the least number of religious people while Thailand is the world’s most religious country, according... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 11 2018

North Korean labor camps imprison thousands

PYONGYANG, North Korea — An estimated 80,000–120,000 political prisoners are being held in labor camps in North Korea, according to the U.S.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 8 2018

Arson, bomb attacks target churches in Nepal

SILGADHI, Nepal — Christians in Nepal are alarmed after a series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings in multiple regions of... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 28 2018

Pastor sentenced for blasphemy in Indonesia

TANGERANG, Java — On May 7 an Indonesian court sentenced a Protestant pastor to four years in prison and a hefty fine for sharing his faith... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 27 2018

Anti-conversion bills increasing in Asia

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Nepal is 1 of 4 countries that have laws banning conversion of their citizens away from the majority religion, a policy... [READ MORE]