Australia | Jul. 16 2018

Australian bishop sentenced for cover-up

CANBERRA, Australia — Archbishop Philip Wilson, age 67, became the most senior Roman Catholic cleric to be convicted of covering up child sex... [READ MORE]

Australia | Dec. 10 2017

Australia votes to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’

CANBERRA, Australia — More than 60 percent of Australians voted in favor of legalizing same-sex “marriage,” according to results from a... [READ MORE]

Australia | Oct. 22 2017

Australian Anglicans work to fight gay ‘marriage’

SYDNEY — Glenn Davies, archbishop of the Anglican Church in Sydney, announced during the 51st Synod of the Diocese of Sydney on Oct. 9, that... [READ MORE]

Australia | Nov. 3 2016

Australian city officials seek to rid town of porn

TOOWOOMBA, Australia — In an effort to fight violence against women, leaders in one Australian city are putting effort into ridding their community... [READ MORE]

Australia | Sep. 15 2016

Australian toddler begins sex change before kindergarten

SYDNEY — A four-year-old who identifies as transgender has begun transitioning genders for eventual gender reassignment with the help of the... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 31 2014

Religious violence declines wherever religious liberty ‘has been preached and practiced’

Rising death tolls in Iraq and Syria, where Muslim extremists are killing in the name of their faith, represent a stark contrast to the relative... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 12 2014

Refugee family finds solace during time of grief

Farzam fled Afghanistan with his wife and two adult sons, looking for safety and peace. They stopped in a European country hoping for temporary... [READ MORE]

Africa | Feb. 20 2014

Global persecution of Christians topic of congressional hearing

The global persecution of Christians has gone from bad to worse, said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill on Feb.... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 9 2014

8 countries on UN Human Rights Council restrict religious freedom

Eight of the 47 countries that hold seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) imprisoned people in 2013 under laws that restrict... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 8 2014

Open Doors releases 2014 World Watch List

Open Doors released its annual list of the worst countries for Christian persecution globally Jan. 8. At the top of the list, for the 12th year... [READ MORE]