Alabama | Feb. 20 2014

Quebec church planter helps students encounter gospel in increasingly secular culture

Canadians easily dismiss Christianity — especially in Quebec. The history of mistrust is woven deep within the fabric of Québécois... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 9 2014

8 countries on UN Human Rights Council restrict religious freedom

Eight of the 47 countries that hold seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) imprisoned people in 2013 under laws that restrict... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jan. 8 2014

Open Doors releases 2014 World Watch List

Open Doors released its annual list of the worst countries for Christian persecution globally Jan. 8. At the top of the list, for the 12th year... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 1 2013

Gospel for Asia calls for intercession on International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

As Christians prepare to participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Nov. 3 or Nov. 10, Gospel for Asia (GFA)... [READ MORE]

Baptist Representatives | Sep. 19 2013

NAMB scholarship provides funds for trips to unreached peoples

Church planter Randall Edwards not only had the 6 million people of metro Toronto in mind when he moved to the city seven months ago. With immigrants... [READ MORE]

Canada | Jul. 25 2013

Canada helping U.S. protect religious freedom globally

OTTAWA, Canada — Canada’s fledgling Office of Religious Freedom is joining the United States as the only other major diplomatic-level... [READ MORE]

Canada | May. 30 2013

Canadians turning away from organized religion

TORONTO — A new national study shows that while Canada remains overwhelmingly Christian, Canadians are turning their backs on organized... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 1 2013

15 countries cited for religious freedom violations

It can be hard to come up with a list of countries with the most egregious records on religious freedom when some of the world's worst offenders... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Mar. 21 2013

New Pope Francis has ‘unprecedented’ start

ROME — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s decision to be the first pope to take the name Francis was clearly meant to send a powerful... [READ MORE]

Canada | Mar. 14 2013

Quebecers no longer among least religious

TORONTO — A new poll suggests Quebecers are no longer among the least religious residents of Canada. Quebecers are now slightly more likely... [READ MORE]