Asia | Oct. 13 2016

Muslims convicted in murders of Christians

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Authorities in Turkey recently arrested five Muslim nationalists convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the torture... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 15 2016

Baptists fined; Kazakhs to face harsher law

KALBATAU, Kazakhstan — Seven Baptists who met for worship in East Kazakhstan Region were recently fined for meeting without state permission.... [READ MORE]

Europe | Sep. 1 2016

Lutheran Church in Norway loses 15,000 members

OSLO, Norway — More than 15,000 members left the Lutheran Church in Norway in mid-August after the Church created an online portal allowing... [READ MORE]

Europe | Sep. 1 2016

Russia ‘slipping back to what it was before’

MOSCOW — A Russian “anti-extremism” law that went into effect in late July may have a bigger impact on Christians in the country than extremists.... [READ MORE]

Europe | Jun. 16 2016

UK rejects asylum to recent refugee Christian converts

LONDON — United Kingdom authorities are not granting asylum to several refugees who recently became Christians. The reason? The new believers... [READ MORE]

Europe | Jun. 16 2016

Catholic Church looks at ordaining women deacons

VATICAN CITY — In an opening with historic significance, Pope Francis said he wants to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons,... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 12 2016

Report shows religious freedom deteriorating worldwide

Religious freedom remains under “serious and sustained assault” around the globe, according to a new annual report from the U.S. Commission... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Apr. 28 2016

British Baptists wrestle with same-sex ‘marriage’

DIDCOT, England — British Baptist leaders recently asked churches not to allow their buildings to be used for same-sex “marriage” ceremonies... [READ MORE]

Europe | Mar. 3 2016

Baptists, Methodists gather in Germany to discuss baptism, Christian initiation

For the third round of conversations between Baptists and Methodists, members from both Baptist World Alliance (BWA), including Alabama’s... [READ MORE]

Europe | Feb. 25 2016

Places of worship destroyed by authorities in France

CALAIS, France — Despite authorities promising to not destroy places of worship, a church and mosque were destroyed in a camp for migrants... [READ MORE]