Middle East

Middle East | Dec. 20 2017

Saudi Arabia to monitor use of religious texts

RIYADH — King Salman of Saudi Arabia recently announced the establishment of an authority to monitor use and interpretation of the words of... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 18 2017

Iraqi Christians now fearing ‘Shiafication’

DUHOK, Iraq — Amir Yaqu, an Iraqi Christian who fled his hometown of Bartella in northern Iraq because of the rise of the Islamic State (IS)... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 3 2017

Baptist churches in Israel see record number of baptisms

NAZARETH, Israel — A record number of baptisms, 73, were registered in Baptist churches in Israel in 2017, the Association of Baptist churches... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Oct. 28 2017

Pastors arrested after house church ban

BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan — Church leaders in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, are urging Pakistan’s prime minister and other officials to uphold the country’s... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Oct. 21 2017

US Commission calls for Brunson’s release

IZMIR, Turkey — On the one-year anniversary of American Pastor Andrew Brunson’s imprisonment in Turkey, a bipartisan U.S. commission criticized... [READ MORE]

Europe | Oct. 1 2017

US pastor faces new charges in Turkey

IZMIR, Turkey — Andrew Brunson, a Christian pastor from North Carolina imprisoned in Turkey on a false terrorism charge because of his Christian... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Aug. 10 2017

Christian prisoners go on hunger strikes

TEHRAN, Iran — Two Christian prisoners in Iran recently went on hunger strikes to protest increasingly harsh treatment of those arrested for... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Aug. 7 2017

Christian converts sentenced to prison in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — The latest in a string of harsh sentences against church leaders in Iran has been handed down to four Christian converts for... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Aug. 5 2017

Christian teenager accused of blasphemy

DINGA, Pakistan — A member of an Islamic extremist group in Pakistan has accused a Christian minor of blasphemy after the boy had an argument... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Jul. 1 2017

Deporting Chaldean Christians ‘a death sentence’

WASHINGTON — Southern Baptist religious freedom advocate Russell Moore has joined other evangelical leaders in urging the Trump administration... [READ MORE]