Religion News

United States | Aug. 8 2018

Christians sue to continue home groups

PITTSBURGH — A Christian couple in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit after being ordered by government officials to stop using their private... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 8 2018

Oklahoma legalizes medical marijuana

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma has adopted what some call the nation’s most permissive medical marijuana law, leaving some evangelicals concerned... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 8 2018

Most faith groups say US is on wrong track

WASHINGTON — A new poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and The Atlantic shows white evangelical Christians are... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 8 2018

Christians harassed with false charges

NEW DELHI — Three evangelists in India have been accused of fraudulent conversion though no formal charges have been filed. Church leaders... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 8 2018

Pastor in hiding after extremist attacks

RAIKASHIPUR, India — Brandishing hockey sticks and a gun that was fired on house-church grounds, masked Hindu extremists assaulted Christians... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Aug. 8 2018

Christians in Iran seized from their homes

TEHRAN, Iran — Three Christians and a pastor were arrested in an attempt to intimidate the Christian community in Iran, according to advocacy... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 5 2018

Authorities in Algeria close churches

RIKI, Algeria — A worship building was closed in Bejaia Province on July 11, the seventh closure in Algeria since November. The church of about... [READ MORE]

Africa | Aug. 4 2018

Sudan returns closed church building

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Authorities have handed back a church building they had padlocked four years ago, according to Christian leaders in Khartoum.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Aug. 3 2018

Hindu extremists suspected in arsons

SEEKANANKUPPAM, India — Three church buildings were set ablaze in six weeks in southern India, the most attacks against Christians this year,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jul. 25 2018

Pastor in India arrested for forcible conversion

NEW DELHI — A pastor in Uttar Pradesh state was filing affidavits stating that 16 people had become Christians of their own will this week... [READ MORE]