United States

United States | May. 9 2018

‘Nones’ get their first congressional caucus

WASHINGTON — Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and organizations promoting atheism, agnosticism and humanism recently announced... [READ MORE]

United States | May. 9 2018

New Jersey court says no to church grants

TRENTON, N.J. — The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled April 18 that government grants used to repair and restore 12 historic churches in Morris... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 30 2018

‘The Great Commission’ phrase used less

VENTURA, Calif. — A recent study found that a surprising number of churchgoing Christians in the U.S. are generally unaware of the words of... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 27 2018

Twitter tries to suspend pro-life advertisements

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter removed three pro-life ads from the organization Human Coalition from its site but reversed the decision after a conservative... [READ MORE]

United States | Apr. 25 2018

Willow Creek’s Hybels resigns amid controversy

CHICAGO — Just months before his already-planned retirement, Bill Hybels, pastor of the Chicago-area megachurch many tried to emulate in past... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 9 2018

Marriage more likely among religious adults

WASHINGTON — Roughly half of all American adults (48 percent) say they are married, and members of certain U.S. religious groups are more likely... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 8 2018

US Navy rejects application of atheist chaplain

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy has turned down the application of an atheist chaplain to serve in the Navy Chaplain Corps. Jason Heap, a secular... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 7 2018

Report wants to address clergy substance abuse

NEW YORK — A report by the Episcopal Church’s Commission on Impairment and Leadership says the church has failed to adequately address alcohol... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 6 2018

College student’s First Amendment rights upheld

INDIANA, Pa. — A student kicked out of a Christianity class for saying there are only two genders has been reinstated to the class. Lake Ingle,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 25 2018

ABS ‘.bible’ policy too restrictive, scholars say

NEW YORK — A group of Bible scholars is objecting to the way the American Bible Society (ABS) is running its recently acquired “.bible”... [READ MORE]