TAB Talks

TAB Talks | Sep. 28 2020

Letters to my children

Educator and blogger Lindsey Murphy uses storytelling to teach her four children about life and the importance of absolute truth. She’s also... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Sep. 21 2020

Devotionals for sports fans

Sportswriter and author Del Duduit joins TAB Talks co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell to share about his newly released 40-day devotionals... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Sep. 14 2020

Christian Meditation Resource

Abide leads the app industry for spiritual meditation. The app — and supporting YouTube and podcast resources — focuses on helping people... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Sep. 7 2020

Medical missionary Dr. Rebekah Ann Naylor

It’s not often our career paths take us full circle to where it all started, but for longtime medical missionary Dr. Rebekah Ann Naylor, her... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Aug. 31 2020

Guide to the Christian Enneagram

Obsessed with all things Enneagram? Never heard of it? Want to know more? Maybe cautiously concerned? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, this... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Aug. 24 2020

Giving God Glory Through Struggles

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of God’s amazing love, mercy and grace … and the redemption He brings. What better way to be... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Aug. 17 2020

Facing an unplanned pregnancy

On this week’s TAB Talks, co-hosts Jennifer Davis Rash and Debbie Campbell talk with Joy Pinto, executive director of Her Choice Birmingham... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Aug. 10 2020

How talking about racial issues fosters understanding

This week’s TAB Talks picks up where last week’s episode left off — how to have healthy conversations about racial issues. Sharing with... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Aug. 3 2020

Racial Unity Among People of Faith

Adrianna Anderson serves as women’s ministry director at Hunter Street Baptist Church in Hoover, Alabama. Her husband, Gregory, works as an... [READ MORE]

TAB Talks | Jul. 27 2020

Are Athletes Facing an Identity Crisis?

With the drastic changes to athletic training and sports competitions at all levels, are today’s athletes on the cusp of facing an identity... [READ MORE]