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Editorials by Jennifer Rash | Dec. 2 2020

My Rashionale — Channeling our inner detective prevents unfair accusations

The older gentleman caught me off guard as I maneuvered through the crowded neighborhood. People walk and jog in the area frequently, so it didn’t... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 2 2020

Gatherings, travel, spending all likely to look different during 2020 holiday season

Our nation’s ongoing battle with COVID-19 has put a definite damper on many of our upcoming holiday plans. More than 100 years ago, during... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 1 2020

Effort in Mobile ‘beautiful picture’ of church partnerships with Children’s Homes ministry

Hurricane Zeta’s last-minute intensification and change-of-course left many in Mobile unprepared and in the dark, the Alabama Baptist Children’s... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 30 2020

Chinese government seizes, converts churches

The Chinese government has seized numerous churches and converted them to centers for promoting the Communist Party. According to Bitter Winter,... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | Nov. 30 2020

High court blocks NY coronavirus limits on houses of worship

As coronavirus cases surge again nationwide the Supreme Court late Wednesday barred New York from enforcing certain limits on attendance at churches... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Nov. 30 2020

Rashional Thoughts: What questions do you have about the future of the SBC?

As the extended U.S. presidential election season winds down, Southern Baptists are gearing up for a presidential election of their own. Current... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 29 2020

Week of Prayer for International Missions

Here’s a preview of missionary stories highlighted in this year’s Week of Prayer for International Missions, set for Nov. 29–Dec. 6: Day... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Nov. 29 2020

Singer-songwriter Melanie Penn shares about God’s goodness

“In a very chaotic, broken world that can skew towards skepticism and cynicism about people and life circumstances, I want to write songs that... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 26 2020

Stay home, evangelical medical organization urges as COVID-19 spreads

For months, the leaders of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations have urged churches to social distance, wear masks and do their part... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Nov. 25 2020

Court upholds ‘reason bans’ in TN abortion law

A federal appeals court ruled Nov. 20 that “reason bans” in Tennessee’s new abortion law can stand, at least for now. The regulations passed... [READ MORE]