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Top Stories | Jan. 14 2017

Religious devotion, feelings of reward linked, study shows

Feelings of religious devotion evoked by prayer, Scripture reading and other spiritual practices may be connected directly to parts of the brain... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 13 2017

Birmingham civil rights sites designated as national monument

WASHINGTON — In one of his last official acts, President Barack Obama has designated Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, and other... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 13 2017

LifeWay study asks where do Americans look today to solve nation’s woes?

America has its problems and needs to talk. But according to a new study, few Americans agree on who can best lead a conversation about the nation’s... [READ MORE]

International News | Jan. 12 2017

Missionary reaps harvest as ‘refugee’ in foreign land

After years laboring in a restricted-access country, International Mission Board (IMB) missionary Layla Murphy began reaping a harvest as people... [READ MORE]

Discipleship | Jan. 11 2017

NorthPark’s discipleship lifestyle makes, multiplies disciples like Jesus did

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Bill Wilks said there will never be a time in his life that he’s not meeting regularly with a group of... [READ MORE]

Southern Baptist Convention | Jan. 10 2017

ERLC’s Moore says he never intended to criticize Trump supporters during 2016 election

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) President Russell Moore has clarified that he never intended to criticize all evangelical supporters... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 9 2017

Pickens County native follows God’s calling to be pastor, missionary in Paris

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Parker Windle grew up with what he called a good dilemma. He had a heart for the nations. But he felt like... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Jan. 9 2017

Disaster relief volunteers help out in Houston County after storms

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist Storms made themselves known at the start of the new year, causing significant damage in Houston County... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 8 2017

Who are the evangelicals? Part 1 of 8

By Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh Special to The Alabama Baptist The term “evangelical” is a slippery one to grasp, partly because its usage has changed... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Jan. 6 2017

Bobby Bowden documentary kicks off in theaters Jan. 8

Legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden and his family will kick-off the NCAA Football National Championship weekend Jan. 8 with the release... [READ MORE]