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Middle East | May. 22 2017

Christian gets life in prison for blasphemy

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan — A Christian in Pakistan has been sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy. A trial court in Rawalpindi sentenced Zafar... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 21 2017

Groups against contraceptive mandate still in limbo

NEW ORLEANS — East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) in Marshall, Texas, and several other religious groups who challenged the Affordable Care... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 21 2017

Kentucky law allows for school Bible courses

FRANKFORT, Kentucky — Public school boards in Kentucky are now authorized to offer elective Bible classes, thanks to a bill signed into law... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 21 2017

Rural Baptist church near Gadsden sees 900 baptisms in 6 years

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist In 1995, Joey Hanner was a trucker who was about to give up on his marriage — and he was one Sunday service... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 21 2017

Sudanese authorities demolish church building

SOBA AL ARADI, South Sudan — Khartoum state authorities in Sudan demolished a church building May 7 as Christians were preparing to worship,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 21 2017

Children’s Homes’ Party at the Parks event celebrates, raises awareness of foster care

Looking around at all the different colors of face paint she had to choose from, a little girl couldn’t decide what design she wanted Kym Mitchell... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | May. 20 2017

Disaster relief teams assist in Missouri

Two Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief teams have been deployed in response to the flooding caused by what meterologists are calling “once-in-a-millenium”... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 20 2017

2017 SBC Preview

Phoenix to host upcoming 2017 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 13–14 As this year’s Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 20 2017

Faith and Family: Dealing with disappointment — Adults (relating to each other/God) (Part 2 of 4)

Can we live peacefully again? Jake and Kelly have lived next door to Matt and Mindy for years. They have shared summer picnics, holiday visits... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 20 2017

Global missions mapping resource closing down

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A global mapping project that has been providing churches and missionaries with information for 33 years will... [READ MORE]