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Top Stories | Feb. 4 2018

Ballard marks 20 ‘total’ years with York Baptist

Leon Ballard meant to retire. He had served as Alabama Baptist State Convention president in a season when two convention entities were walking... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Feb. 4 2018

Happy 175th Birthday to TAB!

Happy 175th Birthday! The first issue of The Alabama Baptist was published Feb. 4, 1843.  ... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 4 2018

Influx of immigrants leads to growth of Islam in Moscow

Argun is tough. He and his friend Carlos, a businessman who moved to Russia to share Christ with Muslims, spend many nights at a martial arts... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Feb. 3 2018

US withholds UN funds for Palestinian refugees

WASHINGTON — The State Department announced Jan. 16 the U.S. will withhold $65 million from a $125 million package for humanitarian aid for... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 3 2018

Feeling secure in God’s love, learning to treat others with respect provides advantage in life

By Carolyn Tomlin Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist During the month of February, our thoughts turn to ways to express love. And with the climate... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 2 2018

Parker retiring after nearly 50 years as pastor

James L. Parker accepted Christ in February 1970 and in as little as 14 months he answered the call of God to preach, and that’s exactly what... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 2 2018

Christians worldwide experience rise in oppression, violence

By Carrie Brown McWhorter The Alabama Baptist Religious extremism is intensifying globally, leading to increased persecution of Christians even... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 1 2018

Number of Alabama Baptist churches celebrate bicentennial milestone this year

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist This whole year’s a party at Mulberry Baptist Church, Maplesville — a party that’s two years in the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 1 2018

Weekend event encourages Alabama Baptist students to be ready to ‘testify’

By Carrie Brown McWhorter The Alabama Baptist Some 130 students and their leaders from various churches in the state gathered at WorldSong Missions... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 31 2018

Bolivian president revokes restrictions on religious activity

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced in a Jan. 21 tweet that his government will “repeal the penal code” that was approved Dec. 15... [READ MORE]