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Top Stories | Mar. 15 2017

Churches can help stop Alabama’s exploding drug use

Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday is March 19. By Denise George Special to The Alabama Baptist In January 2016, Alabama couple Mary Ann Landers,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 14 2017

Update on select bills in Alabama Legislature

TAB’s Maggie Walsh has compiled the following update on select bills in the Alabama Legislature: •Abortion HB 98 (sponsored by Rep.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 14 2017

The meaning of St. Patrick’s Day

Parents can teach children the Christian meaning of St. Patrick’s Day By Carolyn Tomlin Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist St. Patrick’s... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 13 2017

Legislature to recognize ‘Pro-life Day’ on March 16

  MONTGOMERY (TAB) — The Alabama Legislature has designated March 16 “Pro-life Day” and, as such, the House of Representatives will... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 13 2017

‘The Kingstone Bible’ offers creative way of learning Word

Art Ayris, CEO of Kingstone Media, said for years as he worked with at-risk kids, struggling to find the right materials to help them learn the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 12 2017

Songwriter shares pain but also God’s hope through song

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Sometimes there are no answers and even when there are, they aren’t always easy, Staci Frenes said. “For... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 12 2017

UM reunion story gains national audience

An unexpected, emotional reunion captured on video at a ribbon cutting ceremony at University of Mobile (UM) and seen nationwide days later on... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 11 2017

40 Days for Life campaign urges prayer to end abortion

With a goal of turning hearts and minds “from a culture of death to a culture of life,” the pro-life campaign 40 Days for Life (March 1–April... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 11 2017

Cottonton Baptist Church uses new campground to reach people with gospel

By Caleb Jones Intern, The Alabama Baptist If you build it they will come.” This famous line from “Field of Dreams” inspired Kevin Costner’s... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 10 2017

Review of Aaron Shust’s new album released today

Aaron Shust “Love Made A Way” (2017) — released today, March 10, 2017 Worship music is about creating a sense of intimacy. So are... [READ MORE]