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Religion News | Apr. 22 2017

Mothers file lawsuit over ‘subtle propaganda’

CHATHAM, N.J. — Two mothers are filing a lawsuit against a middle school in New Jersey after their seventh graders were shown pro-Islamic video... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Apr. 22 2017

Church groups rebuild homes destroyed by IS

BAGHDAD, Iraq — As a number of Iraqi Christians are returning to the homes they left behind when the Islamic State group attacked, three major... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 21 2017

Chilton Assoc. among state groups preparing for National Day of Prayer

At press time, it’s just 20 days away from the 65th annual National Day of Prayer on May 4. Established in 1952 by a United States Congress... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 21 2017

Doing missions behind bars

Editor’s Note — This June 2, 2016, article recently won an award of merit from Religion Communicators Council (RCC) for writing. The... [READ MORE]

Religion News | Apr. 21 2017

‘Peeping Tom’ caught in Target dressing room

WEST KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A woman in a Target store in Tennessee recently caught a “peeping Tom” taking photos of her while she was changing... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 20 2017

Two Cullman-area churches combine for ‘greater purpose of gospel’

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Chris Harrison has been in ministry for 21 years. He’s helped start churches in Alabama and Asia and... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 20 2017

Odenville votes ‘wet’ for Sunday alcohol

In their second round of voting held April 11, residents of Odenville voted 196 to 105 in favor of Sunday alcohol sales. The first attempt in... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 19 2017

New Alabama Governor Kay Ivey — her pastor’s perspective

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Gov. Kay Ivey has a favorite pew at First Baptist Church, Montgomery. She tends to sit in the same... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 19 2017

‘Storyline is always redemption, Romans 8:28’ when leaders, others mess up

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Media coverage, coffee shop talk and discussions at all levels moved quickly to negative — and many... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Apr. 18 2017

Prosecution drops case against former minister Shahan because of insufficient evidence

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist More than three years after Richard Shahan’s arrest for the alleged murder of his wife, Attorney General... [READ MORE]