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Alabama News | Sep. 8 2016

Roll Tide: Alabama finds sports fan, talented writer in assistant athletics director Ford

By Grace Thornton Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist In the past few decades a lot of tickets have passed through Tommy Ford’s hands. He’s... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Sep. 7 2016

DR volunteer dies while serving in Louisiana

Working on the First Baptist Church, Satsuma, disaster relief laundry unit team, Sonny Ellis was doing what he did best — serving people. “He... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Sep. 7 2016

BCMs from UA, LSU set rivalry aside; partner following historic flooding in Louisiana

When deadly tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa in April 2011, students from Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) at Louisiana State University (LSU)... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Sep. 6 2016

Outreach sees 9 new Mixtec believers, 100 copies of Scripture distributed

For nearly a decade, volunteers in Montgomery have been sowing the gospel in Mixtec homes, planting seeds and praying they would grow into new... [READ MORE]

Social Issues | Sep. 1 2016

Henagar makes ‘bad decision’ to go ‘wet,’ Godfrey says

Residents of Henagar voted Aug. 23 to allow private alcohol sales in town — a change from the last 161 years of its existence. With a total... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 1 2016

Alabama Baptist volunteers serve immediate needs in Louisiana, share gospel along way

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist It’s a common scene after a natural disaster — miles-long lines at Walmart and thousands of people... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 1 2016

Leed’s Cedar Grove Baptist member rides across US, shares Jesus along the way

By Hannah Muñoz Intern, The Alabama Baptist I prayed with people on the Golden Gate Bridge,” Charles “Ronny” Burleson said of his recent... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Sep. 1 2016

‘Born this way’ argument not supported by science, psychiatrists say

A report by two Johns Hopkins psychiatry scholars debunking myths about homosexuality and transgenderism has been cited by a pastor who specializes... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Sep. 1 2016

State schools can keep gender-based restroom policy; federal judge issues stay

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist Alabama schools can keep their current gender-based restroom policies, at least for now. U.S. District... [READ MORE]

Southern Baptist Convention | Sep. 1 2016

Some church membership loss natural, expected

By Thom S. Rainer President and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources On the surface the issue looks hopeless. Your church will lose four categories... [READ MORE]