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Top Stories | Nov. 3 2017

Pro-life group denied right to participate in fair

BEREA, Ohio — A pro-life student group in Ohio was turned away from participating in a sexual health awareness fair at a Methodist college... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 3 2017

Benefit society eases end-of-life financial burden for ministers, spouses

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Jack Green said he and his wife, Mary Edna, just finished a year-and-a-half long “honeymoon” of sorts.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 2 2017

4 out of 10 countries have official religion

The U.S. may not have an official state religion or a preferred one, but four out of 10 countries worldwide do, according to a recent Pew Research... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 2 2017

Calif. to add third gender option to documents

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Pro-family advocates are lamenting California Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval Oct. 15 of a bill expanding rights for individuals... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 1 2017

Morgan County court order shuts down electronic bingo operation

An Oct. 26 order by the Circuit Court of Morgan County has shut down an electronic gambling operation in Lacey Springs. The ruling means River... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Oct. 31 2017

Dodgers’ hitting coach, Alabama native Ward a spiritual mentor to players

Alabama native Turner Ward was signing autographs in the players’ parking lot after a game in Pittsburgh several years ago when a boy approached... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 31 2017

Rick Burgess to headline Tuesday evening session of upcoming state convention

By Doug Rogers Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions When you bring up the topic of discipleship to Rick Burgess, it doesn’t take long to... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 30 2017

Cincinnati Baptist pastors look at social justice from biblical standpoint

Civil unrest sparked by the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, opened Mark Snowden’s eyes to a dilemma. What is the responsibility... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 30 2017

Influence of white Protestants decreasing in US, report shows

By Martha Simmons Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Is “white Christian America” dead? And who is the man sounding its death knell? In a... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 29 2017

Boaz’s Kyuka Baptist honors pianist McMurtrey for 50 years of faithful service

The choir director at Kyuka Baptist Church, Boaz, has often told Charlotte McMurtrey that her piano playing makes him want to sing. “But it’s... [READ MORE]