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Latest News | Mar. 10 2017

Review of Aaron Shust’s new album released today

Aaron Shust “Love Made A Way” (2017) — released today, March 10, 2017 Worship music is about creating a sense of intimacy. So are... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 10 2017

SBOM holds tax preparation conferences to help ministers

By Michael J. Brooks Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist The greatest area of difficulty in a minister’s tax filing is his or her dual status,... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Mar. 9 2017

State missionary Steve Stephens retires after 37 years

After 37 years of service with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, state missionary Steve Stephens retired Jan. 31. As an associate... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 9 2017

Christlikeness is key to evangelism, NOBTS President Kelley says

By Caleb Jones Intern, The Alabama Baptist Kicking off the 2017 Alabama Baptist State Evangelism Conference (SEC) with a challenge for Christlikeness,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 9 2017

Glorifying God at heart of State Evangelism Conference music

Music featured at the Feb. 27–28 Alabama Baptist State Evangelism Conference provided a little bit of everything — and praising God was the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 8 2017

Gaither Vocal Band member Hampton says he’s ‘blessed’ to sing good news

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist For Gaither Vocal Band member Wes Hampton his calling to ministry came in an unlikely location — an anatomy... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 8 2017

Alabama Baptist plants church in Maine; entrusts ministry to New Englander

Twelve years ago, Augusta, Maine, was the only capital city in America without a Southern Baptist church. That’s why Chris Johnson and his... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 7 2017

Annual conference focuses on ‘Evangelism Resurgence’ across state

By Maggie Walsh and Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist Once you’ve been touched by the Master Creator, you’re forever changed. And that change... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 7 2017

‘We need to help world get ready to meet Jesus,’ overcome intellectual barriers

By Grace Thornton and Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Alex McFarland has spent the past 25 years sitting down with people who don’t... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Mar. 5 2017

Chuck Kelley encourages Alabama Baptists to live distinctly within the culture

By Maggie Walsh The 2016 Alabama Baptist Pastors Conference held at Heritage Baptist Church, Montgomery, encouraged participants and reminded... [READ MORE]