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Top Stories | Jul. 19 2017

Army’s advance of transgender ideology ‘lamentable, misguided’

The U.S. Army has implemented new training that requires soldiers to accept the presence of people with the physical traits of the opposite sex... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 18 2017

Gov. Ivey disbands Bentley’s task forces, councils

Less than a week after TAB inquired about the status of the former gambling task force set up by then-Gov. Robert Bentley, Gov. Kay Ivey signed... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 18 2017

Republicans, Democrats split on whether religion has positive, negative effect on country

Do churches and other religious organizations have a positive impact on the way things are going in the United States? Americans are divided... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 17 2017

Fellowship of Native American Christians celebrate growth at 9th annual meeting

The Fellowship of Native American Christians (FoNAC) celebrated significant growth at its ninth annual meeting, which took place June 12 at the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 16 2017

‘Putting the other person before you, not thinking worst of them’

John Fuller recently made a monthlong effort to never utter a negative word to or about his wife, a busy mom he sometimes took for granted. For... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 15 2017

Dadeville’s Lake Pointe seeks missions opportunities near, far

It began with one woman, then grew to two. Now there are eight women from Lake Pointe Baptist Church, Dadeville, who get together to sew dresses,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 15 2017

What happened to Robert Bentley’s gambling council?

Remember when then Gov. Robert Bentley created the Advisory Council on Gaming? It was in October 2016 and its goal was to research and compile... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 14 2017

Contributions of early Alabama Baptist women chronicled, praised

By Elizabeth Wells Special to The Alabama Baptist Even in the era of hoop skirts and big hats, even when the best way for them to get from one... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 13 2017

SBOM’s SPEAK conference to be held at Vaughn Forest

Today’s students have an amazing ability and opportunity to be an influence in their world,” said Mike Nuss, who works with the State Board... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jul. 13 2017

Alabama among states allowing faith-based foster care agencies to restrict child placement

By Martha Simmons Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Homosexual and transgender issues are playing out in faith-based child placement agencies... [READ MORE]