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Africa | Nov. 3 2016

Kenyan church fearful after Islamic attack

MANDERA, Kenya — Church members in a northeastern town in Kenya fear for their lives after six people died in a gun and grenade attack by Islamic... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 3 2016

Open Doors hopes Christians will one day return to Iraq, Syria

It’s no secret that Iraq and Syria have become tough places for Christians to live in recent years. But the departure of Christians from the... [READ MORE]

Music | Nov. 3 2016

Christian rock band RED reaches at-risk youth

By Leann Callaway Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist As they share about their personal struggles during concerts, members of Christian rock... [READ MORE]

Southern Baptist Convention | Nov. 3 2016

Southern Baptist churches among fastest-growing in US

Southern Baptist churches are among the top 100 fastest-growing and largest participating churches in the country, according to recent research... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Nov. 3 2016

GA minister forced to turn over sermons; outrage on his behalf prompts petition

An online petition on behalf of a Georgia lay minister who was ordered to hand over his sermons has garnered widespread support. Organized by... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 3 2016

After School Satan Club in Washington state may be in grade schools soon

The Christian-based after school Good News Club has functioned in public schools in numerous cities for more than 10 years. Children at the clubs... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Oct. 27 2016

Recently released film seeks to prompt youth movement for Christ

Columbine. Say that one word anywhere in the United States and people know what you’re talking about. The shooting at Columbine High School... [READ MORE]

Pastor | Oct. 27 2016

Ranks of ex-pastors grow as some join ‘nones,’ ‘dones’

Between the notoriously long hours, the unrealistic expectations and the severe stress on health and family, church ministry often becomes too... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Oct. 27 2016

Alabama Baptist Retirement Centers provides homes, other necessities to 200 seniors

By Grace Thornton Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist For LaJuana Holloway to feed her household, it takes a little more than most people. She... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 27 2016

Pastor suggests Christian response to nation’s changing political climate

By Pastor Joshua Pendergrass Special to The Alabama Baptist The 2016 election cycle has been one of the wildest ever. I have been watching and... [READ MORE]