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Top Stories | Mar. 1 2017

‘There’s little popular appeal’ in observing Lent for majority of Americans

During the season of Lent, some Americans give up chocolate or another favorite food. Others dump guilty pleasures like binge-watching television... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 28 2017

Pursue conference aims to help students understand God’s plan, purpose

The recent Pursue conference had a lot of great sessions, great music and great speakers, Chris Mills said — including Olympic diver David... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 28 2017

US Olympic medalist challenges students to use their gifts, talents to point to Christ

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist David Boudia had big dreams — so big that they played themselves out on the stage of the Olympics. He’d... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 27 2017

Family Christian Stores to close doors after 85 years of retail

LifeWay Christian Stores’ closest competitor — Family Christian Stores — has announced it is closing after 85 years. This move comes after... [READ MORE]

Sports | Feb. 25 2017

Football standout grateful for second chances

By Bill Sorrell Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Gabriel Mass is trying to live up to his name, which means “a man of God.” “God first,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 25 2017

Maylene church staff ‘gives everything’ in part-time, bivocational capacities

By Anna Keller Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Some might say Community Baptist Church, Maylene, has an impressive list of ongoing ministries... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 24 2017

Who are the evangelicals? Part 8 of 8

By Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh Special to The Alabama Baptist In 1906 when Pentecostalism began to emerge, it made up about 1 percent of the Christian... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 24 2017

Saraland native Sayasane crowned Miss University of Mobile 2017

Chelsey Sayasane, a communication major from Saraland, was crowned Miss University of Mobile (UM) 2017 at the pageant’s 52nd anniversary Feb.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 23 2017

Parker Memorial’s ‘bold’ move pays off immediately

By Grace Thornton About two years ago, Parker Memorial Baptist Church, Anniston, took a big, bold risk, according to Joey Bentley. “Parker... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 23 2017

Blasphemy, apostasy laws restrict religion worldwide, create challenge for spreading gospel

By Eliza Thomas IMB writer in Central Asia When a Sudanese court handed down a death sentence to Meriam Yahya Ibrahim for converting from Islam... [READ MORE]