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Top Stories | Nov. 17 2016

Thanksgiving traditions: Ideas for keeping holiday customs while simplifying usual rituals

By Carolyn Tomlin Special to The Alabama Baptist For years the clan gathered at the grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving. As we grow older and... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Nov. 17 2016

Nov. 8 ballot addresses far-reaching issues

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist More than 150 state level ballot measures made their way before voters Nov. 8, including 71 measures from... [READ MORE]

Africa | Nov. 10 2016

Kenyan Christians targeted by extremists

MANDERA, Kenya — Islamic extremists targeted Christians in the shooting deaths of 12 Kenyans at a guesthouse in Kenya’s northeastern town... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 10 2016

‘No let up’ of persecution in North Korea

PYONGYANG, North Korea — The persecution of Christians in North Korea continues at horrifying levels, according to Open Doors, an organization... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 10 2016

Pakistani pastor, family evicted from home

FAROOQABAD, Pakistan — Defying a court order, police in Pakistan’s Punjab Province forcibly evicted a pastor and his family from their home... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Nov. 10 2016

Accidental infringement: Clanton church learns about laws firsthand

By Anna Keller Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist West End Baptist Church, Clanton, wasn’t trying to break copyright laws. A staff member had... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 10 2016

Longtime pastor outlines sermons year in advance

By Grace Thornton Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Sammie Reid, pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Warrior, has all his sermons outlined... [READ MORE]

Gambling | Nov. 10 2016

Gov. Bentley’s gambling advisory group evaluating current laws, potential revenue

Gov. Robert Bentley announced the appointments for his Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming, which has until Jan. 1, 2017, to present its findings... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 10 2016

Priority Talk Radio provides outlet for pastors, authors to share Christian worldview

By Grace Thornton Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Just a few days after getting out of an airplane seat on a long-haul flight back from Egypt,... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | Nov. 10 2016

Americans unconcerned about politicians’ morals

WASHINGTON — More than 70 percent of white evangelicals think that when politicians commit immoral acts in their private lives it doesn’t... [READ MORE]