Top Stories | Feb. 8 2017

Upcoming move for State Board of Missions on schedule

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Employees of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) have begun the process of cleaning... [READ MORE]

Uncategorized | Jan. 26 2017

Who are the evangelicals? Part 4 of 8

Presbyterians  By Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh Special to The Alabama Baptist Presbyterians derive their name from a particular understanding of Church... [READ MORE]

Uncategorized | Jan. 16 2017

Verify news items before sharing, reposting

Fake news is big news these days and many want to know how not to be duped by it. On one level the solutions are a matter of common sense. “First,... [READ MORE]

Uncategorized | Oct. 27 2016

Faith and Family — Conflict doesn’t have to mean catastrophe, according to counselor

By Stephanie Harrison, LPC Pathways Professional Counseling On day six of creation, Scripture records God creating the first family: Adam and... [READ MORE]

Uncategorized | Oct. 13 2016

Flat Rock holds ‘big celebration’ for 150th

“May we always be a light to lost people and be a church that is pleasing to God.” Those were the words Virginia Jones closed with as she... [READ MORE]

Uncategorized | Sep. 15 2016

Woodbridge Baptist Church news

Mobile Association Kevin Castleberry is the new director of education and young adult ministries for Woodridge Church, Mobile. He previously... [READ MORE]