Volunteer Efforts

Alabama | Nov. 12 2015

Selma, Bethel associations help Safford Baptist with roofing project

It was a joint effort, according to Tom Stacey, one that couldn’t have taken place without the existing structure, contacts, relationships... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Nov. 5 2015

Baptist Campus Ministries students share gospel through actions in SC

It’s only been a year and a half since Alabama Baptists trained their first group of college students for disaster relief, but the move... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 22 2015

Disaster Relief teams continue to minister in SC

It’s been hard, back-breaking work for the Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers and others who have given of their time the... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 22 2015

Christians reach out to hurting Yemenis during Houthi takeover

Yemenis tend to be laid-back, gentle and peaceful, says Shellby Voss, a Christian worker in the Middle East. She noted many of them seem to pride... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 12 2015

Volunteers work together on building projects to share love of Jesus with Tuscaloosa

She’s just 13 years old but she deals daily with the obstacles stemming from cerebral palsy, like not being able to get in and out of her... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 8 2015

UMobile cancels classes to send nearly 1,300 to serve community

University of Mobile (UMobile) sophomore Kathryn Gosselin and 50-plus-year-old Mark linked arms, twirling first one direction then another, dancing... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 8 2015

Retreat creates atmosphere for relationship building

WorldSong Missions Place in Cook Springs hosted the third annual International Friends Retreat on Sept. 25–26. The retreat, co-sponsored... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 8 2015

Using actions, words to share God’s love vital to reaching internationals in US

She spied them in the jewelry aisle. Their dress was a little out of place in an Alabama Walmart.  The two women were covered from head... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 1 2015

Southern Baptists help rescue starving babies in West Africa

Whipping desert winds fill the air with dust which settles on the clinic’s metal gate, muting its deep maroon color. A clinic worker opens... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Oct. 1 2015

Northside member ministers in Namibia

Northside Baptist Church, Jasper, member Kyle Allen, 18, joined 20 other volunteers during a summer missions trip to Namibia, Africa. The team... [READ MORE]