Celebrate grandparents every day and a little extra Sept. 13

September 13, 2020

Grandparents, we celebrate you this month, especially the tremendous role you play in the lives of your grandchildren.

And for the grandchildren out there, be sure to take a little time with your grandparents at least monthly, if not weekly.

The best gift you could give them for Grandparents Day is a phone call or visit where you focus on a real conversation.

Share what’s happening with you — what’s going well and where you are struggling — and let them share their memories.

You may hear some of the same stories over and over, but I promise those are the ones you will always treasure and may end up telling your own children and grandchildren one day.

For the grandparents, you have a lifetime of lessons to share and have been given a tremendous opportunity to speak wisdom into the lives of these precious ones you also get to spoil.

For those without grandchildren, there are plenty of kiddos who could use someone with spiritual maturity to pour into their lives. Pray for God to make your heart sensitive to those who need a grandparent.

And for the grandparents raising their grandchildren, know we realize your situation moves to an entirely different level.

I can’t begin to understand the complexity of what that means for you, but I do know it takes you to hero status. Be willing to share with your support system how they can pray and help.

The appreciation and recognition for being a grandparent — however that is defined in your family — may not always be apparent, but be assured your legacy will outlive you.

You may not always understand all the lingo swirling around with the grandkids, and their decisions may definitely concern you. But don’t give up.

Pray diligently for each grandchild by name and situation, and pray for God to show you what to share and when to share it — and exactly how to best invest in and love each child.

Grandchildren of TAB team members range in age from ‘on the way’ to having kids of their own

Linda Harrison
From Winna and Graddy
To: Lily, 13; Parker, 11; Gabby, 10; Brynlee, 10; Conner, 9; Addy, 7; Baylee, 6; and Gwenie, 6

“My prayer for my grandchildren is that they learn who they are in Jesus. That He will be their best friend. To watch them grow spiritually has been a grand gift for me and my husband. It is a gift we cherish every day.”

Annette Brown
From Honey and Bear
To: William, 2, and baby girl on the way

“We hope to instill the love of God, family and country. Thank God for His mercy and grace are renewed each day. Also 1 Thessalonians 4:11–12: ‘… and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders so that you will not be dependent on anybody.’”

Janet Erwin
From GeeGee and PawPaw
To: Meredith, 2, and Micah, 4 months

“I want them to know that if they will seek God, He will let them find Him (2 Chron. 15:15). He is the God who ‘sees’ them and loves them.”

Pam Holt
From Mem
To: Great-grandchildren: Colton, 10; Hadley, 3; and Ainsley, 1; and grandsons: Josh and Clay

“These are the light to my life that I treasure each day. First, and most important, I want to instill in them that they are so loved by me and hopefully will feel that love even after I’m gone from this earth. I want them to enjoy the fun we have together, the adventures we have and the love we show to each other and to others, especially to the animals. And most important, to thank God daily that He gave each of us to each other for many reasons to love throughout their lives.”

Richard Maddox
From Pop and Mimi
To: Audrey, 13, and A.J., 2

“We hope to instill in A.J. a love for God’s Word so that he will acquire skill in the art of godly living. As he grows and learns, we love to point out to him the ways God works in his life and provides for him each day. We will continue investing in Audrey’s Christian growth by encouraging her to stand firm in her faith as she has entered her teenage years.”

Cynthia Watts
From Lulu
To: Grant, 18; Jade, 18; Lauren, 18; and Dade, 6

“I hope that I can instill an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in the hearts of my grandchildren. My heart’s desire is that this gratitude applies to all of life’s gifts — not only our relationship with Jesus Christ, but also for the love of our family and friends, what we glean at church, the songs we hear, seeing the sunsets, hearing the birds singing, smelling the beach on vacation, tasting ice cream and experiencing special surprises. This perspective gives us a view of a glass more than half full and not taking God’s bountiful blessings, including His presence, for granted.”

Margaret Colson
From Mo and Pop
To: Clayton, 5; Haley, 4; Caroline, 3; Molly, 2; Ellie, 1; Benjamin, 6 months and baby boy on the way

“Above all, I want my grandchildren to know three truths: God’s love is unwavering; His peace and joy, which are beyond human understanding, are possible in our lives; and His faithfulness inspires us to hold unswervingly to our hope in Him.”

Debbie Campbell
From Nan and Pop
To: Jackson, 11, and Bryson, 9

“Our greatest goal and joy is to see both boys following Jesus as young men and to instill in them integrity, honesty and a love and concern for all people. Above all else, follow Jesus, not the crowd, Matthew 6:33.”

By Jennifer Davis Rash

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